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    Thursday, 3 October 2019

    Sanitary pads crisis: psyche patients drip blood at Ngomahuru


    MASVINGO – It is messy business at Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital in Masvingo with patients sometimes walking with blood dripping down their legs because the institute frequently runs out of sanitary pads.
    Although authorities have been trying to tone down the crisis this week because of the shock a Mirror story produced last week, heads of department could not hide the fact that the crisis has produced a big mess and a health hazard for that matter.
    “The patients mess up their uniforms and because they are mentally ill, they hold blood with their bare hands,” said Dr Parirenyatwa Maramba who is the resident doctor at Zimbabwe’s second largest psychiatric hospital
    Sources who spoke to The Mirror last week said it was not uncommon to see blood droplets on floors, blankets and on the ground at Ngomahuru.
    Dr Maramba told The Mirror that staff at the drop in centre have resorted to tearing old clothes and using them as pads. He however, said that this was obviously unhygienic.
    The hospital admits a total of 40 female inmates at a time and when they get an allocation of pads, it is only 20 packs of pads. The Government is responsible for the budget of the hospital but currently all it supplies is one tone of maize per month.
    Inmates have since January been having tea and porridge without sugar, vegetables prepared without cooking and there has been no supply of meat at all.
     “Some patients tear clothes and these are then used as an alternative whenever the hospital is out of cotton wool and sanitary wear,” said Thomas Mahwehwe Hwami who is the matron at the hospital.
    In addition the hospital has serious water crisis and it no longer uses flash system but blair toilets. The blair toilets have their problems in that two of the three are already full and there is no budget to build new toilets.
    Well wishers can get in touch with the hospital or they make contact The Mirror administrator Regedzai Mataruse on 0773753348 for details.
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