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    Sunday, 6 October 2019

    Mutangiri castigates untrustworthy parents


    MASVINGO RURAL- Parents who defraud the school and spread lies about the institution have been castigated as they bring the name of the school into disrepute, River-ton Academy proprietor, Phillmon Mutangiri has said.
    Mutangiri said that during the course of the year there were some parents who defrauded the learning institution which is arguably the biggest pri-vate school in Masvingo by presenting fake proof of payment of school fees bank transfers.
    He said this at the school’s speech and prize giving ceremony on Saturday last week where several children from ECD to A Level walked away with prizes.
    “While we appreciate what the majority of you parents do for the school, we have misgivings on a few parents who have let down the school and fellow parents on their responsibilities and obligations as parents.
    “What would you say to a parent who defrauds the school by presenting fake proofs of fees payments? What would you say to a parent who de-frauds other parents under the guise of scholarships? What would you say to a parent who denigrates the school of his or her child on social media without engaging the school?
    “What would you say to a parent who sneaks his/her child into the school without following proper check-in procedures? What would you say to a parent who drinks beer in front of his/her children at school? Need I say more before you realise your role and responsibilities as a parent? It is only proper to be role models to our children so that we leave a legacy that they can emulate,” said an irate Mutangiri.
    He also said parents should follow proper communication channels when-ever they are agrieved instead of airing their displeasure through social media.
    He also had no kind words for some media houses which peddle unveri-fied information supplied by rival institutions in order to discourage par-ents from enrolling their children at Riverton Academy.
    “Let me make it clear that official communication to you will always be send using the school e-mail address rivertonacademy3@gmail.com or the school Newsletter. The Academy will not use social media to communicate any official information to you.
    “You are also aware of some media platforms that have been used to cas-tigate the Academy in one way or another, in an effort to discourage you from bringing your kids here, the latest being that of ‘cheating in public examinations’.
    “For the record, we are a Cambridge centre for Grade 7 check point, IGCSE and GCE A Level examinations and no examination has been written without a supervisor from Cambridge through the British Council. On vari-ous occasions we have had inspectors directly from Cambridge who have observed the way we run our examinations and have written very good comments about us.
    “The way we prepare our students for examinations leaves no room for such aberrations to take place regardless of the office of the person who may wish to do it. We have always challenged some of our detractors to come and observe the way we do things here so that they get to know who we are,” added Mutangiri.
    The ceremony was attended by hundreds of parents from in and outside Zimbabwe and the guest of honour was wealthy businessman and lawyer Farai Mutamangira.
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