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    Tuesday, 22 October 2019

    Lock up Tafadzwa Tamangani murderers, NEZIYOMO orders Gvt

    Those who had believed that silence is golden they must wake up from such slumber, silence is the only suicidal act that can finish all Zimbabweans here. Zimbabwean youths have been silent, now its high time we all unite from all corners of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans globally, New Zimbabwe Youth Movement is terribly disturbed by the death of Tafadzwa Tamangani, who was severely beaten up by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. I call upon the Government of Zimbabwe to bring justice to Tamangani's murderers, they must stand before the courts. Surely it’s not fair for the Republic's Police to kill its citizens yet they should be protecting the citizens. Instead of protecting the citizens, ZRP have resulted in being monsters, which is not even good, that behaviour is totally unacceptable, barbaric and crystally shows lack of professionalism in the Police force. The Government of Zimbabwe must surely act on this. As the youths of Zimbabwe we are tired of such news, everyday we hear of someone harassed /tortured by the Police. Why would the Police kill youthful Tamangani? Is vending a crime? The reason why Tamangani and almost every Zimbabwean have resulted in vending it’s because the Government in its responsibility have run out of ideas on how to revive the economy and create jobs for the youths, so when one is making a living through vending, is that a reason to kill him? Surely the training duration of the Police officers of the Zimbabwe Republic Police has to be reviewed and marked at three years, I am sure by the lapse of their three years on training they must have understood what is law and how to act lawfully than this misconduct and brutalization of the people of Zimbabwe. New Zimbabwe Youth Movement having acknowledged the good works carried out by the War Veterans of Zimbabwe, dead /alive, we call upon every Zimbabwean youth home and abroad to start cherishing our great nation Zimbabwe and believe that there is freedom after Police abuses and torture. It is high time Zimbabweans unite and stand tall for our freedom, which some of our heroes died for, we have to stand up for our freedom now. Surely if the Police have been on training for three years this would have averted the death of our fellow youth, Tamangani. The Police would have professionally carried out their duties. Upon recruitment of Police officers they must be taught of the sanctity of life clearly and that it’s only God Almighty who has the right and power to take lives not Police officers! The Government of Zimbabwe surely has to act on these Police officers who murdered our fellow youth.
    Very soon Zimbabweans will unite against them and that day is not very far.
    It is not good for the Police officers to kill our fellow youth or anyone who is trying to make a living out of vending. Create jobs and see if we are going to continue vending, we have no jobs that is why we are in the streets vending to put food on our tables. Youths of Zimbabwe lets unite and claim our freedom and rights in this country, this is our motherland. Now that the Police have killed our fellow youth Tafadzwa Tamangani, we are justified to go on the streets and demonstrate against this brutalization and murder. We no longer want to hear similar stories. Moda tiite nhamo nganiko, mitengo yezvinhu yoita mutamba mhuru kukwira zuva nezuva toshaya chekudya, toshaya pekugara mari hakuna mabasa hakuna, tozvitengesera motiponda? ZVAGUMA!!!!.New Zimbabwe Youth Movement (NEZIYOMO) will organize demos on a fulltime basis against the skyrocketing of prices and worsening economic meltdown and brutalization, murder of our fellow youth (Tamangani) by the ZRP. Create jobs and you won’t see us in the streets, there shall be no street vending once we are employed. We are in the streets vending to earn a living not to be killed by the Police!!!! Stop this brutality and murder. Stop it NOW. Youths of Zimbabwe let us all unite now and claim our constitutionally enshrined rights. Home/abroad, every Zimbabwean youth, wait and answer a call for demos from New Zimbabwe Youth Movement. We are tired of degradation of our status by this Government.
    To you all the Zimbabwean youths and the entire nation, I tell you the Government is really afraid of the day we come together, join hands and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.NO MORE SUFFERING AND POLICE KILLINGS AND ABUSES IN ZIMBABWE. All the youth should unite and strike fear in this Government. Let’s unite and stand as one people. New Zimbabwe Youth Movement is calling upon all the youths of Zimbabwe regardless of party affiliation to fill the streets once the sign is availed to you, let's demonstrate until our voices have been heard. To those who have chosen to be silent, to those who have decided to be outside the political and governance commenting arena, please we cordially invite you to add your voices to the chorus of freedom that has already begun. Youths of Zimbabwe we are the future of this great country, and the future is NOW!!!


    Godori writes in his personal capacity.

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