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    Thursday, 17 October 2019

    Chamisa has simply failed despite optimism

    The leader of the biggest opposition Nelson Chamisa should change strategy or give way to a better leader.
    Chamisa made too many promises which have failed to materialise. Last year soon after the elections he promised to dislodge the Zanu PF Government, but did not disclose how. After the January riots Chamisa promised to roll out protests which would eventually topple the Government which has presided over the suffering of the ordinary people. Nothing came out of it. Fasting came, again no results.
    The man is full of energy and very verbose but it seems there is no strategy and he risks being overtaken by events as another leader may emerge.
    While Zanu PF is busy restructuring, giving its supporters positions in the reintroduced district coordinating committees Chamisa is busy on Twitter where he is quoted as having said, “We the people…Beyond this doom, the rise of Zim shall be a surprise to all and the breaking news to the world. The changes will be dramatic and transformation supersonic. New minerals shall be discovered. Economists will not be able to explain the boom”.
    One then wonders whether he is a prophet or a politician.
    Chamisa spends too much time giving people hope without delivering and it is against his words that we feel he has failed. If he was not talkative we would have given him the benefit of the doubt, but it is him who said Mnangagwa will not last this long as they have a strategy to dislodge him.
    The MDC seems to have perfected the art of opposition politics that many are beginning to ask if their leadership are not employed by the ruling party to keep them in the opposition.
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    1. Ndinoona vakomana vakawadzisa jecha
      Its like using venigar to catch flies.
      Mukatarira presidium yavo chamisa ndiye oga arimo asina kumbopandukira party vamwe vose ma former mwmbers of mdc members who rejoined.
      Mbada haichinji mavara

    2. Chamusa is just a mermaid storm,very destructive in nature.


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