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    Thursday, 12 September 2019

    Mourning or scorning Mugabe?

    The man who ruled Zimbabwe since its independence has passed on less than two years after leaving office in circumstances that are still a huge subject of debate. A few months before he left office we were told that he was going to continue ruling the country even if it meant ruling from a wheelbarrow or wheelchair after being nominated to stand in the next elections as president by his party ZANU PF, this at a time when he was already over 90 years old and after ruling for more than 35 years. Things however took a sudden turn in 2017 when he was proclaimed to be an enemy of the country even by his own party who then made sure that he relinquishes his post as president of the country or face a disgraceful exit. When he finally “stepped down” there were wild celebrations all over the country as if citizens were celebrating a second independence. The celebrations died down and soon turned into mourning as the economy continued to tumble leaving most Zimbabweans poorer and hungrier.
    The man of the moment will be buried soon but preparations for his burial are mired in controversies including widespread speculations that he did not want to be buried at the National Heroes’ Acre where it is said that he already has a grave next to his first wife Sally who is already buried there. Is he then going to be buried next to his mother Bona at the Kutama Mission cemetery? After hearing a lot of the negative things that he did that apparently led to his departure from office we have already begun to hear nothing except the good things that he has done for the country with ministers and other government officials, some of them men and women who were actually demonizing him some 21 months ago, now flighting glorifying ongoing condolence messages in the media. We are therefore, tempted to think that this is just what is called in Shona “zinatsawafa” where the living talk about the good things only done by a dead person at his or her funeral, just to paint a good picture that they do not believe in. As a nation let us bury the man while honestly and sincerely thanking and praising him for the good that he did and blame him for the sins that he committed. As for the reward for his good works and the punishment for his sins we leave it to the Creator.
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