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    Monday, 19 August 2019

    Tenders are fuelling corruption - Chadzamira

    • Devolution projects stalled by council officials


    MASVINGO - The Minister of State for Masvingo has said that tender systems must not apply to every project including the small ones as this is causing phenomenal corruption in local authorities.
    He said multi-million dollar devolution projects have been stalled because of tenders that are either delayed or are fine-tuned to the advantage of cronies of council officials.
    He urged local authorities to use quotations instead of going for tenders that are long, tedious and cause delays in these inflationary times. Chadzamira said he has already approached the Minister of Local Government Public Works and National Housing July Moyo to waiver tenders so that projects can be speeded up.
    Chadzamira said in order to avoid corruption and unnecessary delays, devolution funds should be used in the same way that the constituency development fund is run.
    Chadzamira was speaking after visiting Chivi Rural District Council (RDC) where the local authority wanted to go to tender to buy material for the construction of a primary school in ward 25 and this process was going to take more than two months.
    “There is absolutely no need to go to tender in order to use devolution funds because that fuels corruption. Chances are that adjudicators select their cronies who will give them kickbacks after inflating the prices. Going to tender also delays work and by the time material is purchased prices would have gone up as they are doing now.
    “The administration of devolution funds should be real-time so that people benefit before the next budget. I have already spoken to the Local Government Minister to allow such waiver in order to reduce bureaucracy. If a council wants to purchase doors and cement or to drill a borehole they should do that directly after getting quotations from suppliers so that things are speeded up and to avoid corruption which has been declared enemy number one by HE President ED Mnangagwa,” said Chadzamira.
    Masvingo City Council which was allocated $200 000 from the devolution fund has not used it as they are yet to adjudicate on the tenders submitted for the drilling of boreholes to alleviate water problems in the city, the chamber secretary, Vitalis Shonhai told The Mirror.
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