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    Friday, 16 August 2019

    Our silent church

    As Zimbabwe continues to sink in the quagmire of a number of catastrophes that include corruption, a deteriorating economy, poverty, unemployment, polarization and a host of others we are witnessing a collective church that is often-times deafeningly silent. Moving in the footsteps of its founder, Jesus Christ, one of the church’s roles is to be the voice of the voiceless and speak on their behalf. There are times when the general population cannot or is afraid to speak. Here we need to see the church leadership speaking out or training the voiceless to have a voice of their own so that they can speak on their own behalf.
    Beautiful sermons are being preached in church buildings, under trees and along river banks to congregants burdened by social and economic ills without a light at the end of the tunnel. What we need to see is a more dynamic church that talks, at community and national levels, about problems that affect people on a daily basis. Churches face the danger of losing members when they fail to highlight and address challenges faced by their congregants.
    A lot of church leaders preach the prosperity Gospel where they promise wealth brought about by holy water but never speak about the need to create jobs that will lift people from their poverty. They promise healing miracles without say-ing anything about the shortages and unaffordable high prices of medicines. Church leaders may not be politicians but it is part of their job to point out when politicians cause untold suffering for citizens. When church leaders remain silent while the people suffer or engage in self-destructive behaviour then they will be guilty of neglecting some of their major duties.
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