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    Friday, 23 August 2019

    Don’t touch your hubby’s phone – Chaplain tells Anglican women congress

    Chaplin Phiri addressing delegates at the
    Anglican women conference last Friday.


    f there is any person who has put her finger on the social problems caused by mobile phones on Zimbabweans, it is probably Christine Phiri, the chaplain of the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS).
    “Don’t touch your husband’s phone because this has caused many marriage break-downs, don’t touch your husband’s phone because that has caused stress leading to deaths, don’t touch your husband’s phone because that has separated many Christian women from their God,” Phiri said rhetorically to wild applause from the 3000 strong Anglican women congregation.
    Phiri said it is the small things that stop many people from entering the Kingdom of Heaven and added that the mobile phone has become one of the most potent one.
    Phiri was speaking at the 2019 Anglican Mothers’ Union in Zimbabwe (AMUZ) Conference held at Masvingo Polytechnic from Thursday to Saturday last week and her topic was; The mobile phone and your life.
    Phiri told the receptive women that they should seek Jesus’ power so that they don’t get tempted into going through their husbands’ phones. She added that her mission was to create a woman who has the strength not to want to look into her husband’s phone because such behaviour has destroyed the lives of many people.
    She said she stopped looking into her husband’s phone after she discovered that her name was saved as OK Bazaars. That traumatised her but then she realised that she could die of stress because of a phone and leave her children and the same husband that she did not want to lose.
    “I had three mobile phones and in the NetOne line I saved my husband as sweetheart, in the Econet I saved him as darling and in the Telecel line I saved him as My husband. One day I got curious to find out how my husband saved me in his phone and I was shocked to discover that I was saved as OK Bazaars. I could not sleep, I became thin because of stress and that is when I declared that I will never go through my husband’s phone again.
    “So I told myself that if a phone is destroying my life, my marriage and my children, I will not touch it. I said to myself I don’t want to look for things that will kill me. And if I die one of those women causing problems in my life will marry my husband and throw a big wedding and on their wedding they will sing Ebenezer; kkkkk today we have arrived (nhasi Mwari matisvitsa pano),” said Phiri to thunderous applause.
    “I have learned to become proud of the name OK Bazaar that my husband gave me in his phone. I tell myself that I am OK Bazaar and OK Bazaar has everything; mune nyama, mune zviwitsi, mune twese tunonaka. Saka ndini OK Bazaar, ndine zvese, ndine zvinhu zvangu,” declared Phiri.
    She said it has become her mission to create women who say, I don’t touch the phone. I don’t want to look for things that will kill me.
    “We want women who say I don’t touch that phone, I don’t want to look for things that will kill me. Musapinde night duty rekutarisa phone,” said Phiri to the appreciative congregation.
    She added that there were many other problems that have been caused by the cell phone and described those who are always on social media as lazy people, promiscuous, gossipers and people who have nothing to do.
    She castigated people who used their status on the phone to attack others or expose problems in their relationships.
    “Unotoona mumwe akanyora pastatus kuti uchaona kukosha kwechikorobho kana warasa mvura kana kuti ndashaiwa pamumire mufundisi. Don’t expose your private affairs in public; if you have problems with your boyfriend or Pastor go and resolve it with him,” she said.
    She urged the congregants not to use phones to send nude pictures to their loved ones since there is always a chance that these may leak causing irreparable damage.
    She said people must have discipline when it comes to their phones and urged the congregants to create time with their families; not to use phones in the church, during working hours and at funerals.
    “If your mother-in-law visits you, put aside your phone and get enough time to talk to her. Stay out of whatsApp groups that discuss gossip and ensure that your phone does not have a pin number because in case of an accident it will be difficult to get the next of kin in your phone book,” said Phiri.
    She also urged the congregants to use good and decent pictures on their profiles.
    She urged single mothers not to take selfies with bishops.
    “If you want a selfie with the Bishop, the bishop’s wife should also be there and you should be standing next to the wife not the bishop”, said Chaplain Phiri.
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