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    Friday, 30 August 2019

    Daughters of Virtue takes Masvingo by storm


    MASVINGO – There is a new feature in the Christian world in Masvingo. Hundreds of women of all denominations climb up a hill next to Hillside suburb on the periphery of the Ancient City every Wednesday and Saturday to make their prayers.
    Going to pray on top of this hill has become trendy. It is a feature that one cannot avoid noticing.
    “Ndinokumbiravo kuti mugotiperekedza kugomo. Ndinokumbiravo $2 yelift yekuenda kugomo (Please can you drive and drop me at the hill? Please can you assist me with $2 for transport to the hills?)”.
    These are common requests that one will meet from the Christian womenfolk of Masvingo.
    “Chitatu neMugovera makuseni handibatiki ndinenge ndiri kugomo (I cannot see you Saturday and Wednesday mornings, I will be up the hills”. These are common clichés as well.
    Many women walk on foot from all suburbs of Masvingo to the hill. Standing by the hill on a Saturday morning is like watching people going to a star rally. The women have fervent belief that prayer is key to better life; it is the answer to their social and economic problems.
    On Mondays and Fridays the women attend prayers between 1 and 2pm at the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe Church that is opposite the Passport Office in the CBD.
    A snap survey shows that one in every five women in the City is talking about or going up the hill to pray. The prayer group known by the name Daughters of Virtue (DoV) or Ndadhiniwa started in February 2018 with just two members and has grown in leaps and bounds. The group markets itself through WhatsApp and now has 20 groups in Masvingo, according to Chipo Tirivavi, one of the first two members of the group.
    Ndadhiniwa which in English means bored to death is taken from Verse 40 of Genesis Chapter 27 in the Bible where you will live by your sword and you will save your brother. But when you decide to break free, you will shake his yoke from your neck. The interpretation of the verse is that when you are tired of losing your blessing you will be forced to act, fight, and pray.
    Each group has 257 members which means that the total number of women in Masvingo now involved with Ndadhiniwa is over 5 000 in a city of a total population of over 100 000.
    Tirivavi who is one of the leaders in Masvingo said an estimated 1 500 women find time to climb up the hill to pray while many participate through WhatsApp groups where weekly prayer themes are given.
    Ndadhiniwa is not a church but a group that comes together to encourage each other to become prayer warriors, she said, adding that Ndadhiniwa actually insists on every member having his or her church. Ndadhiniwa will never be a church, said Tirivavi.
    Narrating the origins of DoV, Tirivavi who is also a Police Officer said the group was founded by Prophetess Memory Matimbire in Harare and that is where the groups started. Tirivavi and another woman only identified as Mrs Rukuni joined DoV through a link on social media. Tirivavi who goes to AFM was moved by the idea and she asked Matimbire for the green light to start prayer groups in Masvingo.
    Prophetess Matimbire is the person who got the vision of the groups and she is commonly referred to as The Visionary.
    Tirivavi and Pastor Evelyn Gaka started the WhatsApp groups in Masvingo and one after another they grew big and exceeded the maximum numbers that WhatsApp groups would allow. They then copied the idea in Harare where members go and pray on the mountain and their first choice was Mangwandi hills which is on the outskirts of Masvingo along Masvingo – Harare Highway.
    They realized that this hill was a bit far off and would be costly in terms of transport and they then settled for Hillside which is a walking distance from all suburbs of Masvingo.
    In no time this rendezvous had become popular and it is by now probably the most popular praying place in the city.
    Tirivavi said she liked the idea of DoV because no one is lied to as there are no prophecies made in the groups. She said that there are no anointing oils or anything given as happens in many modern day Christian gatherings.
    She said that the groups are given themes by Prophetess Matimbire on a weekly basis and these are accompanied by audios. Most of these themes are about daily life struggles and they are accompanied by examples of people in the Bible.
    “With DoV or Ndadhiniwa it is just prayer. There are no prophecies and there is no anointing oil. We are just strong prayer warriors and we have testimonies of people whose prayers are answered including people with shaky or broken marriages, people looking for jobs or women married for many years but without children.
    “Some women who survived on corruption at their workplaces would testify that they are no longer involved in such vices after joining the prayer group,” said Tirivavi.
    Examples of themes shared on the groups include Zvabhara; Dhongi ngarisunungurwe; Laban to hell with your culture and I want my Rachel.
    Tirivavi gave Eliah and Elisha as some examples of people who overcame a lot of problems through prayer.
    “Prayer has results. Hanna went through a tough period without a child and she was the laughing stock of Penina but through prayer, hard praying she gave birth to Samuel.
    “Our own prophetess was going up the mountains for 20 years praying and it was then that she was blessed with this vision. I want to encourage people that prayer has results. Look at Joseph when he was thrown in a pit, he soldiered on in those difficult circumstances,” said Tirivavi.
    DoV has grown from strength to strength and is now found in more than 22 countries and its membership is estimated at more than 800 000. The movement is not limited to women although men are fewer. In Masvingo there are very few men in the groups or joining the mountain prayers but in Harare the numbers of men have been increasing.
    Prophetess Matimbire is the ..th in her a family of …and was born in Chivhu.
    She went to Marondamashanu Primary in Chivhu and Bulawayo for her secondary education. She is married to Fred and the couple has one child. She travels from Zimbabwe to Israel for prayers.#Masvingo Mirror#
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