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    Monday, 5 August 2019

    Court gives Chief Neshuro hours to clear maintenance backlog


    MWENEZI – Rodwell Gudo(42) who is Chief Neshuro was on Wednesday this week given hours to clear his maintenance backlog of $575 by Mwenezi resident magistrate or be caged for an effective two months.
    After hearing an application from Neshuro’s ex-wife Rumbidzai Nembo at around 11am yesterday, Honesty Musiiwa ordered the Chief to clear the backlog before the end of business or go to jail for two months.
    He admonished Neshuro for failing to abide by Court rulings and said that as a traditional leader he was supposed to be leading by example. This is not the first time that Chief Neshuro has been a bad debtor to his wife as he has received warnings from the court over the same issue before.
    Chief Neshuro spent the better part of the day running around trying to raise enough money to clear the debt. Neshuro has three children with his wife.
    It is the state case that, on March 8, 2018, Chief Neshuro was given a court order to give Nembo $120 every month. The accused failed to give the complainant RTGS 575 from the period extending from June 31, 2018 to February 2019.
    A report was made leading to the arrest of Chief Neshuro.
    “As a Chief you should lead by good example, it is not right for a Chief to defy court orders and be convicted because the people you lead will view you as a criminal,’’ said Musiiwa.#Masvingo Mirror#

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