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    Sunday, 25 August 2019

    Councillor, prostitute in sex act before bar patrons

    Gegegege, seka hako mwana wemuira jindwi, this is abominable, makunakuna mudunhu. This time it did not happen at Jerera but at Zaka or Zaaakaa if you want, at the shopping centre in the bar in view of everyone who cared to watch. Eyi!
    This is a hot one because it happened last weekend, chinotoda dish towel because it is still hot. You need to take a big breathe inside before you read this one, HOTH needs to warn you. It’s not for the faint hearted, read it at your health’s risk!
    Kwai zvadii nhai paZaakaa apo mukanya woye.
    This is the same councillor who dumped his wife for this beau called muChina, chitsvuku ichi chakatengegwa shop paNdanga after the councillor  fell head over heels. Ukaravidza chembere muto wegwaya inofira mudziva. If you know you know.
    Don’t pretend not to know the councillor because he is the chairman of this Risk komit and he is from ward 131 in Zaakaa very rich as he owns a chain of hardware, grocery shops across Zaakaa, mukanya woye, hombiro, mupona nezvekuba , rikashaya munhu rokwira miti.
    I am worried because muChina has been dumped, temporarily I think, in favour of the new release at Zaka Shops. The name of the councillor for the benefit of those who have forgotten is Petso Zvamaida but for easy reference lets continue to call him councillor who is already campaigning to be the next MP for Central, kkk, power is sweet.
    It was on a Saturday evening around 8pm soon after the snooker tournament in this other bar at Zaakaa Business Centre, I shall not mention the name of the bar because ndezvaBangwe izvozvo after all it is not the subject of the matter.
    After prize giving ceremony the councillor who has an insatiable appetite for the fairer sex, sent for one new prostitute in the area name Mrs Swaziland or Mrs Pink as she was said to be from the Eswathini due her blinding beauty. She is short, curvaceous, endowed with a big behind and light in complexion making her a perfect candidate for Miss Curvey.
    Rumour has it that Mrs Pink is from Ushewokunze Housing Co-op in Harare (akadiiko ma land Baron) but she is switched on as she moves from one Growth point to another looking for new clients.
    Mrs Swaziland did not take long as she quickly responded to the councillor’s invitation to do business. He splashed $500 and ordered everyone to switch off their phones and close the main door.
    The councillor quickly undressed and the bar lady, Promised condoms and she did that, asi iwe Prim usadaro. By the time Prim brought the condoms Mrs Swaziland was already facing Swaziland in her birthday suit, positioning herself for the councillor to come.
    Chemusi uyu, instead of using the snooker table to play pool, the table was used as a balancing rock, riya repa dhora rakaendeswa naMugabe riya.
    As a family paper HOTH will not go into further details except to tell you that the councillor was not done with one round. Not at all, he wanted more and more.
    As the patrons including our respected OIC Kurongerana, ZPS officers etc were about to leave, the councillor called for another condom and this time he did it the conventional style, kushaya nyadzi, puu tibvire iwe bvudzijena, kwana.
    Apa councillor is a member of the Chiedza Chavatendi Congregation, uumm hamenoo, HOTH is only trying to preserve the little that is left of our mora fibre, ende hatinete as long as maboss angu achindipa mukana, muchazvirega chete.
    Hokoyo nemuChina Mrs Pink.
    Kwakadii kuJenya nhai nepaMhandamabwe apooo.

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