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    Sunday, 4 August 2019

    0,5 million people cleared at Beitbridge per month

     Leading the tour, from left Assistant Regional Immigration Officer Memory Mugwagwa, Committee chairman Lary Maihlome, ZIMRA Regional Manager Innocent Chikuni and Assistant Regional Immigration Officer Trustworthy Manatsire.


    BEITBRIDGE – The Immigration Department at Beitbrdge Border Post is clearing nearly half a million people every month, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services chaired by Lary Maihlome has been told.
    The Committee heard this during a familiarisation tour of Zimbabwe’s busiest border post meant to give the members an insight into the operations of the Immigration Department and other security services departments operating at the border post.
    Assistant Regional Immigration Officer Memory Mugwagwa said her officers clear over 60 buses and 15 000 travellers every day and these shoot up to 150 buses during the holidays. The majority of the travellers are locals with a small portion being foreigners.
    The implications of these high numbers are that there would be delays in clearing travellers particularly those coming from South Africa.
    The duties of the Immigration department include facilitation of entry and exit of travellers at the border post.
    Mugwagwa said that her department also dealt with issues of child smuggling and these are happening at undesignated crossing points.
     Children are smuggled for to provide cheap labour while some will be visiting their parents working in South Africa
    Mugwagwa said 2 671 people were arrested in June for trying to enter and exit the country without passports. She appealed for strong physical barriers to stop those without documents from entering and exiting the country.
    She bemoaned the lack of industry in Beitbridge which is a push factor for many members of the community to become border jumpers. She said that the courts were too lenient with border jumpers as they are just cautioned and discharged. She called for hefty fines to serve as a deterrence to border jumpers.#Masvingo Mirror#

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