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    Friday, 26 July 2019

    Truck drivers deserve better

    It is saddening to note that there are now so many cases of domestic violence, marital breakdowns, HIV infections and untold suffering on the part of some of our married couples all due to physical distances between husband and wife. We are witnessing this particularly when it comes to married long distance truck drivers. When the wife is left behind at home for long durations sometimes going on for months on end she is tempted to seek sexual gratification outside her marriage. She goes one leg in the house and one leg outside, as we say in Shona. Looking at the husband we see him driving his truck around most of southern Africa spending a lot of time on the road without going home regularly to be with his beloved. He then often ends up hooking up with sex workers he picks at small business centres where he may park his truck for some deserved respite. What often happens is that the husband is informed of his wife’s sexual shenanigans and springs a surprise visit on his wife and true to the word he catches his wife pants down with another married man. We will then see either the wife or the sexual intruder being thoroughly bashed. The woman may end up running away for good resulting in the breakdown of the marriage. The truck driver is arrested for violence and spends some time in the penitentiary.
    We say serious efforts should be made in order to address this sad situation. Employers of long distance truck divers need to seriously take into consideration the plight of their valued workers. They are human beings who have physical and spiritual needs. What we see is a situation where trucking companies are more concerned about their profits without considering their drivers. Long distance drivers should be given ample time to be with their families. Their wives can be allowed to accompany their husbands on their trips from time to time. The current situation of truck drivers is promoting the spread of HIV as they become involved in sexual escapades en route to their far away destinations. Quality time with their own spouses will reduce chances of their being infected. On the other hand we appeal to truck drivers and their wives to behave responsibly and not take their situation as an excuse to behave like loose cannon balls.
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