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    Monday, 15 July 2019

    Stealing; A national disaster

    Thou shall not steal. When God gave us this commandment he was well aware of the serious consequences of stealing to the development of humankind. Stealing turns humans into greedy, cruel and ruthless animals that terrorize other humans and deprive them of what is rightfully theirs. This is what we are witnessing in Zimbabwe today. We are seeing government officials at all levels stealing funds that are supposed to benefit citizens. Some of them steal land. Prison officers steal food meant for prisoners. Health officials steal drugs that are supposed to cure the sick poor. Precious minerals worth billions of US Dollars are stolen without any trace while makorokoza are ready to spill blood as they steal minerals from each other. Precious horns from elephants and rhinos are stolen and sold by poachers. Stock thieves steal cattle, goats, sheep and even chicken. Religious leaders who are supposed to lead by example steal from their congre-gations. Numerous drums of tar meant for the national highway are stolen never to be found. Relief items meant for cyclone victims are stolen. Our border posts have become places where both Customs staff and travelers steal from the government. Business owners steal from their customers and from government while their own workers steal from them. Fuel is stolen and sold on the black market. Even human beings are stolen in increasing cases of human traffick-ing.
    It would seem that in Zimbabwe whatever can be stolen is stolen. It is now a case of each person for himself, God for us all. We are therefore fast becoming a nation of thieves and daylight robbers as we continue to lose our traditional guid-ing philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu. Traditionally a genuinely hungry person could get into anyone’s field and eat whatever was edible and leave satisfied without taking anything home. There were no locks then and doors were fastened by simple bark strings. There were hardly any break ins. We are actually told that in some foreign cultures stealing was treated so seriously that it was punishable by chopping off the hand of the thief. We may not have to go that far but we can start by declaring stealing a national disaster as its consequences are causing the death and severe suffering of millions of Zimbabweans.
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