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    Monday, 22 July 2019

    Development at tortoise speed

    Development hinges on correct decisions being made and implemented in good time for projects to be fully completed so that the general population can benefit. Zimbabwe is lagging behind partly because of the tortoise pace at which some of our major projects are moving while some are not yet moving at all while others that were initiated have come to a complete standstill. The Tugwi Mukosi Dam was completed some time ago but people in Chivi and the rest of the country go hungry. It took years for work to start on the Beit Bridge – Chirundu highway. Work has started but is going at such a slow pace it would take more than a decade to complete the project. In the meantime people continue to die some in horrific accidents that claim tens of lives in one accident. The Beit Bridge border post should have been expanded and modernized a long time ago but we are yet to see any meaningful developments going on there. Devolution is espoused in the Zimbabwe Constitution adopted six years ago. Today there is no devolution to talk about even after funds were budgeted for it.
    These are but a few examples of lack of decisiveness and action that is hampering progress even when resources are there and conditions are right. The whole scenario smacks of corruption and serious inefficiency. We have government officials demanding kickbacks and stealing financial and material resources meant for national projects. We have government officials failing to take decisive decisions that should be immediately followed by concrete actions that will see national projects being implemented and completed in good time. We see government officials doing shoddy work in their offices and other work stations resulting in little or nothing being achieved. In the end we continue to get empty promises at rallies and other functions. The nation deserves a government that produces tangible results that benefit citizens. Promises are not edible. You cannot drive your vehicle on a road of promises, it is just not there. Countries like Botswana and Rwanda are proactive and wisely use their resources for the benefit of their citizens, not just a few like in our case where we see government officials getting richer and richer while most of the citizens get poorer and poorer. It is high time that we repent and learn from our mistakes otherwise becoming a middle income country by 2030 will just be a pipe dream.

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