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    Monday, 15 July 2019

    Cheeky man refuses to pay maid who turned nurse aide

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    MASVINGO RURAL – A cheeky man from Mukungwa Village has been ordered to pay a beast to his maid who turned nurse aide, cleaning the boss who messed himself when he became ill.
    Chief Mugabe sitting at his traditional court on Saturday heard that Melody Magure of Chikanhe Village under Chief Mugabe was working as a maid for Dzingai Mukungwa (80). In 2018, Mukungwa fell so sick that he was bed-ridden and was messing himself.
    Magure then doubled as a maid and a nurse aide bathing the old man and cleaning his mess.
    Mukungwa and his family offered to pay $200 to Magure for her additional duties. However, on recovering Mukungwa turned around and refused to pay her arguing that he provided her with food.
    He said that the food Magure was eating was equal to the money that she was supposed to receive.
    Magure who felt cheated reported the matter to Chief Mugabe and the traditional leader ordered Mukungwa to pay his maid within seven days of the ruling.
    Chief Mugabe said it was untraditional for a person to clean up the mess of someone who is not a relative and then go upaid.
    “She cleaned your mess and she is not your relative. You should pay her a beast within seven days of this ruling,” said Chief Mugabe.
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