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    Sunday, 7 July 2019

    Adulterous man ordered to leave in birthday suit


    MASVINGO RURAL - A man from Zezai Village in Boroma under Chief Mugabe must be ruing his insatiable sexual appetite when a neighbour who caught him red handed with his wife severely battered him and ordered him to leave with just boxer shorts on.
    The neighbour held the clothes as evidence of the commission of the crime.
    The matter has since been settled by Chief Mugabe who ordered Wilson Zezai to pay three beasts for sampling a neighbour’s wife.
    Chief Mugabe was told that Mike Taonezvi arrived home from Harare on the night of June 20 without alerting his wife. When Taonezvi called his wife Juliet Museki, he was surprised to realize that she was coming from the round kitchen which was dark with no light.
    He wondered what Museki was doing there.
    Museki received the goods that her husband had brought and tried to head him towards the bedroom but the suspicious Taonezvi insisted on inspecting the kitchen first.
    He went in only to find Zezai hiding behind the door wearing a boxer short.
    Zezai bolted out of the room but Taonezvi gave chase, caught up with him and severely bashed the intruder until a neighbour only identified as Cuthbert refrained him.
    Taonezvi then demanded to keep Zezai’s clothes some of which had blood stains, US70 and RTGS 10 which was in his pockets to use as evidence at the Chief’s court.
    Museki could not overcome her shame and she ran away to her parents home. Taonezvi reported the matter to the Police.
    The matter appeared at Chief Mugabe’s tradition court on Saturday and the evidence of clothes was brought to the court.
    At the Chief’s court Zezai pleaded guilty to the matter. The Chief ruled that Zezai pays three beasts to Taonezvi.
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