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    Thursday, 6 June 2019

    Zimbabwe Media Commission upgrades The Mirror


    Vincent Kahiya.

    •Perm Sec tweets the paper’s stories every week
    •It’s a classic example of a successful local paper-Kahiya


    KWEKWE – In a seal of approval, the Zimbabwe Media Commission has upgraded The Mirror from a community to a regional newspaper because of the immense improvement in content and phenomenal growth in reach and circulation it has achieved over the last three years, a senior manager with the Commission has said.
    Speaking at a capacity building workshop for 22 community newspaper publishers gathered at a Kwekwe hotel last Thursday, ZMC manager research and development, Bvumai Chinamhora said the Commission has three categories of newspapers namely community which are at the bottom end, regional and then national newspapers.
    Chinamhora’s sentiments were reiterated in different sessions of the workshop by three other experts including former Zimbabwe Independent Editor and AMH CEO Vincent Kahiya and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana who described The Mirror which now covers five provinces in the southern region as a classic example of a good local newspaper.
    The Mirror was a small newspaper for Masvingo Province until in June 2016 when its publisher, Masvingo Mirror decided to turn it into a regional newspaper covering the Midlands Province, Mash East, Mat South and Manicaland. Since then the newspaper has been rated as the best for local news and the second most widely read weekly newspaper in the country after The Sunday Mail by the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS).
    “The Mirror is doing well; it competes favourably with national newspapers. Editorially, The Mirror is one of the best and most informative newspapers in the country. We are at pains to call it a community newspaper. It has grown in reach and circulation and the Commission no longer grades it as a community but a regional paper.
    “The Mirror is now ranked in the category of newspapers like The Chronicle, Sunday News and Manica Post and this is why we have of late been excluding it from community newspaper programmes,” said Chinamhora.
    Mangwana said The Mirror has such good stories that he tweets the newspaper’s articles almost every week.
    Kahiya made a plea to the other publishers at the workshop to emulate The Mirror’s classic coverage of local news. He said, “The Mirror is a classic example of local making sense”.
    He said that the secret for the newspaper’s success is in its excellent coverage of local and community news and championing of local causes.
    “The Mirror has good local content, it attracts local adverts, it champions local events and is not seeking to compete with national newspapers in copy,” said Kahiya.
    Responding to the comments, Mirror  consultant Matthew Takaona said the “humble” success of The Mirror is to do with the team’s passion for work, placing service ahead of gain, identifying own niche market  professionalism and sheer discipline.
    “We don’t compare ourselves or compete with anyone, we set our own standards and strive to achieve them,” said Takaona.

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