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    Sunday, 2 June 2019

    Spirtzkop residents live in fear of rockfalls


    GWANDA – Residents of Spirtzkop medium density suburb in Gwanda are living in fear of large stone boulders resting precariously at the top of the Spirtzkop Mountain which can fall if disturbed by heavy rains.
    Ward 6 councillor and Gwanda deputy mayor Ponalo Maphala said that the matter was so serious that EMA has been alerted to the issue and action  would soon be taken to ensure that the boulders are slid down before they cause harm.
    Residents expressed concern at the unstable boulders which they fear would destroy homes downhill and kill residents if the matter is not attended to.
    The concerns were raised at a meeting of Ward 6 residents at Phakama on Wednesday last week.They said that the rocks were resting on unstable soils and they pause danger to a number of houses at the foot of the mountain.
    They said that rock falls had actually occurred in the area in 2016 and 2018 when huge boulders moved downhill only to be stopped from reaching the ground by some trees which were left badly damaged.
    Maphala said the speed and pressure with which the boulders slide down pause a serious danger to residents.
    “I have observed that the rocks are resting directly on loose soil and the moment the soils get wet there will be nothing to restrain rocks from falling,” said Councillor Maphala.
    Alfias Mafuka from Legal Resources Foundation who facilitated the meeting said the danger was real and called for action before fatalities are reported.
    “We need a way forward before lives are claimed. We have reports that indicate that rock falls reached Spirtzkop and Jacaranda Road before. What if a car was approaching or children were using the road at the time?” asked Mafuka.
    The deputy Mayor said that the local authority had engaged EMA to visit Spirtzkop Mountain and roll the rocks down before the rainy season.
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