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    Friday, 28 June 2019



    As humans, we have managed to fly in the sky like the birds, swim in the rivers like the fish, but have we managed to walk side by side like brothers and sisters on the earth? Yes, we have. That is why we are gathered here today to celebrate World Blood Donors’ Day indicating that we are walking side by side like brothers and sisters.
    The 14th of June has been set aside for a noble cause. Why am I saying that it’s a noble cause? Because the Lord Jesus Christ was the first person to shed his own blood to save others and we are doing the same today!
    Safe blood saves lives, changes lives.  Under the sun, there is only one people and we are the people, we operate and work as one, although we being different branches of the same tree. Every little drop of blood matters because it can make a huge difference in someone’s life
    A wise man once said, “Actions speak louder than words “. I believe that this is applicable to us as one people because to injure one is to injure all. That is why we donate blood from the bottom of our hearts because deep down, we care.
    Today is World Blood Donors’ Day and some people exist today because of your selfless sacrifices, you decided to donate blood for a good purpose of saving other people’s lives.
    Thank you for being selfless and donating safe blood. Because of you, lives are being saved and lives are being changed.
    Safe blood for all!
    I Thank you
    This article was written by Aletha Chipo Rimai, a Lower Sixth Student at Mucheke High School.

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