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    Sunday, 2 June 2019

    Gwanda to have fewer constituencies


    GWANDA - Gwanda District has serious prospects of running with fewer Parliamentary seats in the next general elections following a sharp drop in the number of registered voters in some of its constituencies.
    A meeting of youths in the district noted that Gwanda South and Gwanda North constituencies registered voters have dropped sharply with figures plunging to as low as 15 000 which is far below the 21 000 required by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).
    The issue was raised by the youths in politics at a youths meeting facilitated by Community Youth Development Trust (CYDT) at Gwanda Hotel. Carnicious Nkala who represented youth in politics said there were strong chances that Gwanda South and North could be joined together as one constituency come next elections because their numbers do not make a constituency.
    He said that Gwanda North was going to benefit from the arrangement more than Gwanda South.
    Nkala urged the youths to mobilize voters to register in order to avoid the pitfall.
    “Are you aware that Gwanda South and Gwanda North are likely to be joined into one constituency in 2023? The reason is that the numbers of registered voters in the two constituencies are falling to as low as 15 000 and yet ZEC recommends every constituency to have at least 21 000 voters.
    “The integration of the two constituencies would mean zero development for the Province as a whole. That would mean that one constituency will not receive Community Development Funds leading to underdevelopment of the province at large,” said Nkala.
    Mojapelo Nare a youth from the Nhwali area said that if this is allowed to happen it will be a great disadvantage to Matabeleland South.
    “Joining Gwanda South and North together has many disadvantages including that political representation will be reduced and CDF allocation halved.
    “Gwanda South must be aware that other constituencies have more than two chiefs and have even submitted names to revive chiefs dethroned during the colonial era. It is only Gwanda South which is stuck with two chiefs, Chief Marupi and Chief Mathe.
    “This then means no voice for the constituency. Gwanda South should stand up and defend their wealth, however this can only happen when people register to vote and figures speak.” Added Mr. Nare.
    Nare also said that part of Gwanda South under Chief Marupi was made part of Gwanda Central. Those are West Nicholson, Doddieburn Farms, Zindele farms and some parts of Chief Mathe in Ntalale area were joined to Gwanda Central. They should return those pieces to their original chiefs and constituencies.
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