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    Friday, 14 June 2019

    Former acting Chief Makumbe arrested


    BUHERA - Stewart Marenga (73), a former acting Chief Makumbe has appeared at the Buhera Magistrates Court facing a charge of impersonating the person of the current substantive chief.
    The court heard that Marenga actually puts on a chief’s badge whenever he wants favours or special treatment and on the day he was arrested, he took his mother to Murambinda Hospital and pinned the chief’s badge on his clothes and pretended to be the chief.
    Marenga who appeared before Magistrate Glynmax Kuhudzai denied the charge but still insisted that he is the legitimate chief because he says that he was selected by a Makumbe spirit medium after the death of his father in 2011.
    Senator Chief Makumbe, born Shepherd Chengeta (54) who is the substantive Chief Makumbe is the complainant.
    Senator Makumbe told the court that Marenga who is his cousin is disrespecting him by calling himself the real chief when he (Chengeta) was selected and installed by the Government after all procedures and traditional rites had been followed.
    “I have no reason whatsoever to begrudge my cousin and it therefore surprises that he remains in denial since he was removed as acting chief. We should be working together rather than fighting against each other,” said Chengeta.
    “My lord I am not aware of any other chief Makumbe besides me and I will continue to act as one because there was no handover takeover of the throne when Chengeta was appointed. I was appointed by the spirit medium.
    “I never impersonated anyone because I am the chief here,” said Marenga.
    Evidence was produced in court State prosecutor Witness Hamudi that Chengeta is the substantive chief Makumbe. Before he was installed, Marenga was notified of the changes and he surrendered the regalia to the DA’s office as a sign that he had stepped down as acting chief Makumbe.
    The State said that on August 29, 2018 at 10am and at Buhera Hospital, Marenga wore a badge and acted as chief Makumbe so that his mother can be given special treatment and be treated first.
    He was seen by Constable Goromondo who notified Chengeta who then made a Police report leading to the arrest of the accused. The badge was taken as exhibit by the Police.

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