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    Friday, 28 June 2019

    2 million Icon Gold condoms for Masvingo

    Icon Gold condoms.


    New scented and trendy condoms have been launched in Masvingo to cater for the restive youth who prefer the best sex-wise.
    The Icon Gold condoms which are manufactured by Malaysian Karex Industries were launched by the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) at Chevron Hotel on Friday last week to cater for youth who are shunning the blue panther condoms which they look down upon as inferior.
    Two million Icon Gold condoms are expected to be delivered in the province by the third quarter of this year.
    A research carried out by ZNFPC, UNFPA and the Ministry of Health and Child Care titled Public Sector Condom Acceptability concluded that youth particularly in urban areas regard a condom as a status symbol. Using a free and inferior condom during sex may prove to a partner that the man has no money or he places little value on the relationship.
    The youth prefer the private sector protector plus and carex condoms that are scented, ribbed and have different flavours ranging from banana, apple, strawberry and several others but these are expensive and out of reach for most of the youth. Compared to these, the panther condoms are also looked down as smelly by the youth.
    The research therefore concluded that the blue panther condoms that are provided for free under the public sector programme are a hindrance to increased condom use in Zimbabwe as youth would rather have sex without protection than use condoms that downgrade their status.
    The Icon Gold condoms although distributed for free will be a good match for the carex and protector plus and it is anticipated that more and more youth will prefer them because they have the same features as the latter. They are flavoured, ribbed and they have attractive packaging.
    They are also big as some Zimbabwean men shunned Chinese manufactured condoms which they said are too small for the bigger sizes.
    Several organizations attended the launch ceremony including National Aids Council (NAC), Population Services International (PSI), Boys to Men Foundation, Childline and Africaid
    ZNFPC Provincial Marketing and Communications Officer, Hebert Chikosi said the new condom will together with the Panther and Protector Plus, help curb the rapid spread of STIs and unintended pregnancies.

    “Youths appealed for another type of condom in 2016 and the Icon Gold condom will compete with the Panther and Protector Plus in Masvingo’s 18 tertiary institutions in fighting new infections and averting abortions. Provinces like Mat South have received the condoms and Masvingo is set to receive two million condoms,”said Chikosi.
    Icon Gold’s unique features are that it is thin, large in size and contains natural rubber latex.
    Chikosi urged youths to partake in voluntary uptake of contraceptives in order to close taps of new infections.

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