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    Monday, 20 May 2019

    Shurugwi Chief miffed as serial ‘rapist’ wins court cases


    SHURUGWI - Chief Banga from Shurugwi South is miffed by a man from his area who is suspected to be a serial rapist but is discharged by the courts each time he goes for trial and this has gone on since 2013.
    Chief Banga now wants Dumiso Ndlovu of Ruzive Village out of his area. He suspects that Ndlovu uses juju to confuse magistrates whenever he stands trial.
    Banga also told The Mirror in an interview this week that Ndlovu is currently in remand prison for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl. He said that although villagers are praying that Ndlovu be convicted and incarcerated for years there is little optimism based on trends in the past.
    He said that Ndlovu is in remand prison together with his wife after his wife who allegedly brought the 13-year-old girl  home and Ndlovu raped her while the wife sat outside the door.
    Banga said this was one of the several rape cases that Ndlovu had been implicated in and villagers are up in arms and are threatening to burn Ndlovu’s house if the courts freed him again.
    “He is in remand prison but I know that after six months the court will free him even though there is evidence that he committed the crime. I don’t want to see him any more in my land, I think he is using juju to confuse the magistrates,” said Chief Banga.
    “I am even surprised on how Ndlovu and his wife stay together because the wife is the one who goes out in the village and brings a girl child for his husband, Ndlovu’s wife is the one who locks the door from outside leaving the two inside the bedroom. She then listens sitting at the door until her husband completes the act,” said the Chief.
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