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    Friday, 10 May 2019

    Mwenezi teacher, sex worker caught on landlord’s bed

    Call it profanity! Oh yes ndimizve mune madoctorate sangodai kuzara aya. Tell us, what do you call it when a whole lodger, a qualified teacher for that matter sneaks into the landlord’s bedroom and have it with a sex worker smelling Super?
    Kkkk right there on the King’s bed?
    Kkk kubvisa hanzu dzese here kuti katanu-katanu, kata-kata, pfee-e-pfee pamubhedha wababa nepfambi! Indeed the clothes were found on the floor including a blue pot-holed panty. Ehezve there are potholes all over Zimbabwe.
    And this whole omen happened while the teacher’s wife was snoring in the next room. Remember the house has no ceiling and now you ask Hoth why Cyclone Kenneth turned back before it got here! Kkkk, Chasura!
    Oh yes, they had it from the landlord’s bed. Indeed the matrimonial bed of the landlord and the landlady by the way. Mubhedha wakatengwa nerent yemalodger vo here veduwe Kkkkk!
    Hoth for lack of these ubiquitous doctorates that have mushroomed everywhere but with his excellent command of the queen’s language can only call this profanity.
    There is no impunity, licence to spirit, disrespect and discourtesy beyond this. It can only be profanity!
    Indeed profanity pooh!
    Aikaka ko makadiiko paRutenga Primary apo, oh yes at Nyuni Primary, St Vitalis Primary and our very own Sacred Heart. Pardon me; and our very very important Shingirai Primary School.
    So there is this teacher at this rural school in Mwenezi and like all rural teachers, he loves city life. So he decides to call Rutenga, a growth point with five shops a city. So he finds a room to lodge in the city and he is there with his wife.
    Asi Chikandaminaka? Zvimwe mupote muchiti taitamba! Oh yes the teacher is a nungu, ehezve ngara, Chirasha mihwa kkk kurashira mihwa mubedroom ma landlord; Wegona Chitova!
      Call him Chikandamina, ehezve, Maposa of course Bee Chikandamina.
    Chikandamina is a teacher at this primary school near Velcom. This school where pupils are encouraged to persevere with books, ehezve kutoshingirira chaiko. Bee Chikandamina is married to this woman whose name is that of dried vegetables kkkkk nhaka tichakuvara nemufushwa.
    So one night recently Chikandamina was at the beerhall with his landlord. He bought him a number of beers and quickly sneaked out, kwaa!. A minute later he was in the landlord’s bedroom playing strip tease with the sex worker.
    There is no ceiling in the house and the wife was there in the next room. Kana kutombohwa zvake kuti ndibaba varipandima next door.
    The landlord, smelt a rat and in no time was back home. Baba angu diro, there he was Chikandamina with blankets all over the floor. The landlord was pissed off! i mean pissed off!Dried Vegetables heard  the scuffle and her hubby’s voice in the next room. There there were, the V11.
    Chikandamina was having it next to his wife! The wife cried to no end, she is still crying!
     Musazodaro Maposa.Kkkk Mufushwa murivo vo wani!

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