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    Monday, 13 May 2019

    MSU student; a classic example of Education 5.0

    MSU Agronomy student, Perfect Mpuvuriri in his garden.


    ZVISHAVANE – An Agronomy student at the Midlands State University has won a contract to supply Masase High School and several other institutions in Mberengwa and Zvishavane with vegetables and he is not only paying his own fees at college but has become the bread winner for his family.
    Perfect Mpuvuriri who is a second year student is a classic example of a student who fits into the Education 5.0 model which the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Amon Murwrira is introducing in all colleges and universities.
    Education 5.0 unlike the current Education 3.0 churns out students with skills and innovation to produce products and create employment.
    Twenty-six-year-old Mpuvuriri has a one hectare plot in Yoko Village in Mberengwa some few kilometres from Mberengwa Growth Point where he grows mainly tomatoes and vegetables. He is helped in his garden by his parents and he produces more than five tones of vegetables and tomatoes per year.
    He earns $1541 per month.
    His project is already a complex venture. He is now running a goat project as a source of meat and manure for his vegetables. Waste from the vegetables is used to feed goats.
    He said he started his gardening project in 2016 with a small garden and his farming venture has been growing since then with demand coming from bigger customers. Mpuvuriri says that he was motivated by the fact that there is a big untapped market for vegetables.
    “There are shortages of vegetables in Mberengwa and Zvishavane,” he told The Mirror in an interview.
    He started getting orders from institutions and some of the customers that he supplies are Masase High School in Mberengwa. The customers are found in Zvishavane and Mberengwa . For transport for the vegetables, he uses his own car.
    Asked about the quality of his products, Mpuvuriri said he knows how to add value to his products, for example drying his vegetables and sell at high prizes.
    He added that he gets his input from Farm and City and Pote.
    Asked how his agronomy studies were helping him in his business, Mpuvuriri said Agronomy helps him to know how to control pests and diseases, spacing requirements, chemical applications and when to grow vegetables and tomatoes.
    “I started this business in 2016 just to supply my village but demand grew and I soon found myself supplying produce to places as far as Zvishavane. My first big challenge was an order to supply Masase High with vegetables and tomatoes on a regular basis. At first it was not easy as I had to adjust my working routine in order to supply the school consistently,” said Mpuvuriri.
    His second challenge was that  Mberengwa is in climatic Region 4 which is semi arid and water was a problem. He was given a borehole by Pote Drilling which is now a source of water for his garden and cattle.
    He also said one of the challenges that he is facing is to balance the farming business and school work.
    Mpuvuriri said that his wish is for all youths to see what they are capable of doing and master that for survival rather than relying on other people in this economy.
    His parents are both alive and he is now the bread winner of the family through his projects.

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    1. Oh please he is just a young farmer. Farming has been in existence for centuries now!


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