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    Monday, 13 May 2019

    Married lecturers cohabit in school house

    Hoth is always telling you to keep your wife on you and virse versa. Zvokwadizve! Otherwise these I do, I do that you make in churches come to naught.
    If you know you are going to stay away from your wife or hubby don’t waste the priest’s time. Izvizvokutimumwe England mumwe Botswana izvi, kkkk! Asipohaapo! Haapo nezvinhu zvake!
    This is the slogan that a married female and male lecturer at this Government college along Harare – Masvingo road have taken.
    Makadiiko paGokomere Mission apo? Uri sei hako machuma? Kkk kokushaina mazuvaano chiiko? KoPamushagashe Vocational Training, koDriefontein how are you? We don’t forget our comrades at. Asipo haapo, zvese nezvinhu zvake. Kkkk Chasura! Oh yes conjugal rights are no delayed rights. The sun will not fail to set in because you are not there!
    Rinotonyurazve! Oh yes it  will set in.
    It can’t, it can, it will not, it will!  No it will, Simple!
    So these two lecturers have become a couple. They stay in the same house, bath from the same shower and spend the night  between the same sheets. Nditambidzevo chinduwe change icho, baba angugudo! This is Mamoyo (chirandu, mukabwi wegono) and Shumba Murabwi Muguriri , Garabwe kkkk.  Ehezve murambwi, a true indigenous from Chivi.
    They are displaying  their notoriety just next to Mushagashe Tollgate.
    Ehezve the man teaches engines; the lady went to school to study pleasure; meaning hotel and catering, kuwaridza waridza mibhedha, kuwacha wacha, kugezageza blah blah blah.
    Aikaka ko zvingavanzwa here izvozvo?
    Murambwi’s wife is unemployed; permanently domiciled at the Chivi rural home. This little man who stood before the priest with Mamoyo works for a Government telecoms company paKwelaz  City apa. They have a house peduPaJack City medu muMasvingo umu. By the way Kwelaz City is after Gwelo.
    Hanzi ukatengera mukadzi Honda Fit yeblack ndokuti asahure, kwaaa n’anga yako yakakunyepera. Vanotoenda kuTrade Fair kuBulawayo nekamota ikako vachitoshaina. Kkkkk Simple! Plus plus hakadyi fuel futi.
    By the way can all those who were at the Trade Fair please raise up your hands? How  was it? Mbiri mbiri muAreka. Kwaaa!
    Call the man Mr Highway or Zhira if you want but please never call him Umgwaqo or its equal in Shona kkkk. Highway has no car, ndipedhe. The female lecturer is called Roses; she is beautiful like the flower; good face, nice structure, big eyes, fleshy lips. The boot is just fine!
    So these lecturers joined this vocational training centre between 2010 and 2013. In 2017 something became fishy, Highway who shares a house with other male lecturers started disappearing at night.
    He would emerge in the morning  jogging in his sports gear. Queer isn’t it, that a man goes jogging at 9pm and returns the next morning at 6am panting and huffing. The superstitious at the college swore that Highway was a witch?
    Unovata usipo  urimuroyi here iwe Highway?
    Then one day, a stray student stormed into the staffroom without knocking. Varozvi vakapera nenda. He was stunned, speechless, transfixed. Kedebu, kedebu, kedebu asi Rose ka!  Of all places, in the office; why, why why Mamoyo. Umm why?
    The student then got an award. He was crowned The Best Student at the school. How else could they have bought his silence? The student wherever he is brags that he was tops. That’s how  some people’s opportunities come! Zvairi Nhamo mwana waMuungani!
    Then the school started to have a picture. Highway is not jogging; he has a gym inside Roses bedroom. Ndiko kwaanopfekera full kit yake ikoko.
    Now that the information is public, Highway has permanently moved all his property to Roses house. They do’t care anymore. No need to hide anything . Ko kuita madiro aGoeorgina. They live there like hubby and wife; happily ever afterwards.  Ko kutyei muSecond Republic?
    Oh yes we got independence in 1980 and a second  independence in November 2017 kkkkk double independence.
    Chinonetsa chii, on Friday Roses anoenda kumurume wake kuJack City odzokako vapedzerana. Monday she is back on the Highway. Kuri seiko kuZaoga Roses?
    Highway goes to Chivi once every month odzokavo vapedzerana nmai vekwake; saka chakunetsai chii?
    Hoth always tell you to keep your spouses vakomana. By the way is the Post Office still working?
    Next week; girlfriend yaPastor yakazoroorwa!
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