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    Friday, 17 May 2019

    Cyclones in every community

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    Cyclone Idai has triggered an outpouring of unprecedented generousity from numerous institutions, organisations, companies and individuals that are found all over the country. This is highly commendable as it is an expression of our traditional philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu that inspires us to share with those who may be in dire need. In Shona they say, “Dai uriwo mugariro, nyika ingagarika”, meaning that if this would be our usual and everyday way of behaving and treating each other, then our country would be a paradise. Unfortunately Zimbabwe is currently far away from any form of paradise. There is of course the danger of some of us jumping on the bandwagon to donate for the sake of publicity or even as a way of marketing themselves.
    Commendable as it is to see many of us helping those affected by Cyclone Idai, we would also want to see the same happening, not somewhere very far away, but right there where we actually live. Charity begins at home they say. We therefore need to open our eyes and see those members of our society just next door, across the street or in the next village who may be suffering from the effects of their own different cyclones. There are those not far from us suffering from the effects of Cyclone Hunger, Cyclone Disease, Cyclone Homeless, Cyclone School Fees, Cyclone Disability, Cyclone Naked, Cyclone Price Hikes, Cyclone Street Kid, Cyclone Corruption, Cyclone Child Abuse and many more debilitating cyclones. All these are community challenges that need our urgent attention and should move us to assist any of our suffering neighbours. Even the small charitable act of assisting an old woman to carry her heavy suitcase is important. Our generousity ought to actually go further to include the way we interact with each other; how we respect each other as members of the same community and how we do business with each other. Our charity should therefore begin in homes, villages, streets, offices, hospitals, schools, farms, on roads and numerous other places where we interact, then and only then would we be truly upholding the principles of hunhu/ubuntu on our way to an unpretentious Zimbabwean paradise.
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