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    Friday, 24 May 2019

    Anti-corruption courts; the way to go

    Congratulations are in order as Masvingo now has its own anti-corruption court that will be opened at the end of this month. This court is there to specifically deal with corruption cases that arise in our local community. We can only blame ourselves for allowing the seed of corruption to germinate in our country. After germination we deliberately and meticulously nurtured it and enabled it to grow into a full fruit bearing tree that it is today. Naturally the tree is now bearing fruits of corruption in abundance to such an extent that we find ourselves in the basket of the most corrupt countries in the whole world. They say prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately as a country we dismally failed to prevent corruption, now we are facing the music and finding it very difficult to cure the disease that is ravaging the whole country and even costing us precious human lives.
    Opening anti-corruption courts is only one of the major steps in the right direction towards a corruption free country, a tall order indeed considering where we are today. But then a thousand mile journey begins with one step. As we go forward it is our hope that what we have taken is a meaningful step that will bring positive progress in the fight against corruption. What we need is a justice system that will not spare sacred cows because of their political clout or financial muscles. We are tired of corruption cases that have been going on for ages without coming to any conclusion. We are tired of corruption cases that are being swept under the carpet thereby breeding more corruption. Curing a disease can be a painful process.  Curing the disease of corruption is going to be painful for perpetrators and the aggrieved public. All the same it has to be done to avoid the demise of the nation. While we are busy curing this evil cancer we also need to embark on a prevention campaign that should see us finding ways of avoiding the corruption virus.
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