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    Saturday, 13 April 2019

    School of Mines student kills foster brother

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    SHURUGWI - Takudzwa Chindi (19), a student at Bulawayo School of Mines is said to be on the run after he allegedly stabbed and killed a Form 3 pupil who had been just adopted by his mother.
    Sources said that after the murder of Broklen Gumbo (16), Chindi was taken to the Police station by his uncle who is also a policeman but he jumped into the latter’s motor vehicle and sped off. He was involved in an accident at Chikwingwizha Turn off and he abandoned the car and fled away on foot.
    Sources said Broklen Gumbo was a pupil at Shurugwi 2 High School in Shurugwi and the murder happened on Saturday. Gumbo’s father whom he stayed with in Zvishavane died in the Brooklyn Bus Disaster in November last  year and his mother stays in South Africa.
    The deceased was then adopted by Chindi’s mother Angela Chindi who is a friend to Gumbo’s mother.
     “The mothers of the two boys are friends. Chindi’s mother offered to take Gumbo in after his father passed on,” said sources.
    It is alleged that on April 6, 2019 at 3am Chindi took a kitchen knife, went and locked his mother’s bedroom door from outside. He then proceeded to Gumbo’s room who was sleeping and stabbed him on the neck. The deceased screamed but when Angela heard the noise and tried to go and see what was happening, she found the door locked  from outside.
    Chindi’s young brother Tapiwa also rushed to where Gumbo was screaming and found Chindi standing tall on top of Gumbo while Gumbo was crying in pain and blood rushing out of his throat. He allegedly tried to stop his brother from stabbing Gumbo but to no avail, he then rushed to open his mother’s bedroom door who was shouting asking what was going on.
    Angela then rushed to Gumbo’s bedroom where she saw her son stabbing Gumbo and grabbed him and took away the knife. Gumbo was then rushed to hospital where he died upon admission. Chindi was taken to the Police by his uncle who is also a police officer at Shurugwi Police station.
    The uncle disembarked from the vehicle to get Chindi out however the accused took advantage and locked the doors from inside and drove off and was involved in an accident 10 km from Gweru.
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