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    Tuesday, 23 April 2019

    Rule of law trampled

    Behold this sad scenario where land barons still continue to milk desperate home seekers of their hard earned cash in the face of a land commission set up supposedly to hunt them down. Behold the chaos on the streets and roads where people can overnight turn their vehicles into unregistered taxis and pack passengers like sardines while parking wherever they want to pick and drop them. Still on the streets and roads you can see thousands of unregistered vehicles moving around and hundreds of drivers driving without driver’s licences. Behold the rampant corruption that is chewing our moral fibre and killing the economy making our beloved country one of the most corrupt in the world with mostly political leaders and government employees including the law enforcers being the biggest culprits. Behold the situation where people can just spread their goods wherever they want and start selling them. Go to shops and service providers and see them demanding exorbitant prices and charges that go up at their own whim. You can also behold thousands of people throwing litter wherever they want leaving streets, residences, business premises and highways in a huge mess.
    This is a picture of a situation where a lot of people can easily do what they want with impunity. We therefore find ourselves living in a country where law enforcement is often times very slow and in some cases even nonexistent. Right now every one of us is talking about development. However we cannot have development without the rule of law. Most investors, both international and local will not want to throw in their money where there is no rule of law. Can you imagine foreign investors buying land from a land baron and later being told to get off the land because it never belonged to him? We need to behold a situation where the rule of law is strictly observed at all levels of society. It is therefore up to us all, law enforcers and the general public to ensure the observance of the rule of law for us to live in a country where there is order and sanity for everyone.     
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