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    Saturday, 13 April 2019

    Pensioners shocked as Gov claims 2015 rental arrears


    ZAKA – Three pensioners from Zaka are angry that their pensions were deducted last month over alleged rental arrears of January and February 2015.
    Charles Chari, Alfred Gotsai and Shingirirai Hwata from Zaka expressed shock that Government is making such deductions four years later. What baffled the pensioners even more is that there is no documentation to the deductions.
    Each of the three pensioners had $80 deducted from them.
    The three pensioners told The Mirror that they were never told of these arrears when they left Government accommodation in 2017. What also raised eyebrows is that pensioners who are still in Government accommodation did not have the same deductions made.
    “It’s illogical and unfair to deduct our meager earnings on purported arrears of 2015. The arrears were never brought to out attention either in writing or by word of mouth. No one has a right to make will-nilly deductions from our salaries without our knowledge and we suspect that there is a scam involving officers at Zaka,” said Gotsai.
    Tinarwo Tirivacho who mans the Pensions Office at Zaka referred the three to Mabasa Ndemo at the district offices of the National Housing Department.
    “What worries most is that the affected members are the retirees who already vacated the houses in August 2017 and those in the system who are still occupying the houses were not affected”, said Chari.
    When asked for a comment Ndemo conceded that there were procedural flaws of making the deductions without any notification to the concerned parties.
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