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    Wednesday, 17 April 2019


    The "Naysayers"
    The famous T.D. Jakes article 'Let it go' speaks about (not in my own words) letting what flows, flow and what crashes crash and only sparing special energy for what is meant to be. In this article I will try to highlight how holding on to nay-sayers (as I like to call them) can be very big barrier to progress. The past and the people associated with it may be toxic, sour and horrible but you can choose not to be a victim of the past by letting go the nay-sayers in it.
    You should look at this day as a beginning of great things and you can take great strides forward ignoring those who talk bad. Do not be defined by your past nor to be tied by blind nay-sayers, those have always been there to make sure that you go down and give up. Do not listen to people who are negative minded, by the time you finish talking to them it will be lights off for you, world end for your dream and Armageddon for your universe. Don't give people too much space in your room.
    So be determined to ignore the nay-sayers before they pull you down to their level. Be determined to focus towards your goal no matter all the discouragements from "THE NAY-SAYERS"
              Chivhenge Tariro

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