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    Saturday, 13 April 2019

    Beitbridge VID workers in court for fraud


    BEITBRIDGE - Three Beitbridge Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) assistant Accountants Allen Tendayi (42), Paul Chada and Renias Hamandishe (38) have appeared at the Beitbridge Magistrates facing fraud charges.
    The case came before Magistrate Godswill Mavenge last week.
    The complainant in the case is ZINARA being represented by Methlene Mujokoro who is the acting chief executive officer
    Tendayi and Hamandishe allegedly defrauded ZINARA of $540 and $9 700 respectively.
    The duties of the accused include issuing road transit coupons to cross border vehicles upon payment of entry fees in foreign currency. They are also responsible for cancellation of transit coupons under two conditions which include cancellation at the point of entry before the coupon is used and re-issue of another coupon or where a refund is required.
    They also advise clients to apply for refund to ZINARA and cancellation after commencement of journey where the coupon has not been used and vehicle has completed its journey.
    During the period between January 2018 to December 2018 and on five different occasions, Tendayi allegedly fraudulently cancelled road transit coupons which he had issued or had been issued by others to cross border motor vehicles citing fictitious reasons like incorrect registration, wrong route and duplications thus misrepresenting that the coupons had not been used and that he was re-issuing coupons to replace the cancelled coupons.
    Hamandishe allegedly committed the same offense during the same period on 74 occasions.
    Investigations carried out revealed that all the cross border motor vehicles’ road transit coupons for the transaction in question were cancelled after the said motor vehicles had passed through all tollgates and completed their journeys. The purported re-issued coupons were found out to be for different vehicles that also travelled and completed their journeys on different dates and therefore these could not be replacement coupons for the original coupons that were used by a vehicle that had completed its journey using the same coupon and on the same registration.
    The accused was allegedly cancelling coupons and endorsing the coupon number of another vehicle on its journey as the re-issued coupon for the cancelled coupon. The effect of the actions was that the ZINARA Cross Border Management system would deduct the full amount of the cancelled coupon from the total amount of transactions for that day and at the end of the day the system would compute the amount due as total of transactions done for that day less the total value of re-cancelled coupons.
    The prejudice had a net effect of combining the two journeys by two different vehicles as one journey done by one vehicle which is only changing its registration number to attract the re-issuance of another coupon and the transit fee paid by another vehicle would therefore be pocketed by the accused.
    Oswell Arufandi prosecuted.  
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