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    Saturday, 13 April 2019

    Banana vendor wrecks Neti Whani couple’s marriage

    Men will go to heaven for one thing, they don’t discriminate. They don’t care whether the woman is a vendor, a domestic worker or even mentally challenged. Inongova bamba zonke, bhazi rokwedu kwaChivi!
    Madzimai zvamunoona anosema although there are a few managers  and there, the loose ones who can go out with messengers kkkk office orderlies to be courteous. Baba angu Chipikiri!
    Ah yaa a few women managers get it from interns. This is the rare loose breed if you ask Hoth! Aaa ehe variko, Hoth can mention them and the interns boyfriends. The interns are actually accosted. Makadiiko Vamamoyo , magumbo kkkk machuma? Kufana mbuya kurowa!
    So there is this man, well spruced up, office job, good car, good house, kwedu kuHillside uko. Oh yes he also has a beautiful wife, equally spruced up, good job and good stood back, perfect in front as she is at the back kunge Benz. Kkk Wegona Chitova.
    Both men and wife work for the same company along Robert Mugabe, oh yes in this very Ancient City. They also go to the same church, ko kusvondo murume nemukadzi vanosiyanana here? Yes they go to this split AFUMA church.
    This couple works for this company called First Net kkk, one Net, Mambure One. Now that reminds Hoth of the song, Zuze wakaba chingwa chavarungu, neniwo ndichachiba ndikachitengesa! Kkk asi Zuze ka! Call this man Zeti Zeti.
    So Zeti Zeti is the bamba zonke type. He doesn’t care about class, religion, age etcetera, etcetera, etecetera as long as he can do his business and finish. In front of his offices, right there along Robert Mugabe near Zesa offices, ehezve this place where you board mushika-shika for Mpandawana Town, there is a banana vendor, ehezve, ichi chokusagona kugara ichi, kwaaa ichi chokugara chakateya kunge chirimbani ichi.
    Its true, the woman vendor always sits with her legs ajar kkkk, asunder oh yes separate from each other and Zeti Zeti could always see Africa Yedu from about 50 metres. He will walk with his eyes  glued to our mother land until he gets into the office, sometimes bumping into people as he walks. Ko ndiye aidiivo!
    Who said the banana vendors sell bananas? Kwaaa!
    Nhamo neman’ga hazvisiyani, oh yes Nhamo mwana waMuungani! Kkk chisekuru. So Zeti Zeti started buying bananas from this vendor like he was ordering for a banana shop, buying in bulk baba! Ko kungotaura zvaunoda!
    Call this vendor Fella; oh yes Fela Ringai because the woman ane meso meso. That reminds me of this big-eyed Felly wekusaloon. Makadii henyu shumba, chivi murabwi? Ndekuno!
    Zeti Zeti’s behaviour changed completely, taking more time outside the offices, going home late, ferrying Fela’s banana order from the market, being found with receipts from lodges, bringing spoiled trousers home eish the list is long!
    Then the wife discovered! Varozvi vakapera nenda. Pakaita mahwani! There was a flurry of words, blows nearly exploded right there at the vendor’s stall until AFUMA pastors were called in.
    Ndiwe unondishayisa nhai? Kkkk Chasura!

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