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    Friday, 15 March 2019

    Woman (24) claims Munyaradzi chieftainship

    Elizabeth Fadzanai.

    GUTU –
    There was drama at Chief Gutu’s traditional court on Tuesday when a 24-year-old dreadlocked woman got possessed by the spirit of her ancestor who died in 1814 and claimed that she was the rightful owner of the Munyaradzi Chieftainship.
    Elizabeth Fadzanai had an engagement with Edmund Masanganise who is paramount Chief Gutu at the full traditional court on Tuesday last week and she declared that those currently running the Munyaradzi Chieftainship are alien to the throne.
    She said the current lineage running the chieftainship is actually from a stepson to Karivara Marumbi, the woman who founded the chieftainship in the 19th Century.
    Karivara Marumbi, the spirit that possessed Fadzanai told Chief Gutu in the court that she founded the Munyaradzi Chieftainship in 1804 when she was called from Bulawayo to come and do rain making rituals for Gutu District that had experienced droughts for seven successive years.
    Marumbi said that she prayed for the rains and the droughts ended. It was then that one Chirisamhuru who was the ruler of the Rozvi empire asked her what she wanted for her work and she asked for land.
    “When I brought the rains I was asked by Chirisamhuru what I wanted in return and I told him that I wanted a place to live. I was directed to the then Chief Gutu who was Chinemukutu and he showed me the area that is now Munyaradzi stretching from Njerenje to Rasa and from Sote to Dewure,” said Marumbi through her medium Fadzanai.
    She said when she grew old she anointed her son Chinamasahwa as the chief. Marumbi said she died in 1814 in a pool called Mazizi near Zvavahera.
    Chinamasahwa later died and it was then that Zingwena (of the now Chief Munyaradzi lineage) took over the chieftainship from Marumbi’s grandchild called Gadzira.
    Zingwena was a son of Marumbi’s husband, Wanonoka Mushoriwa Nyashanu with his first wife. Marumbi was the sixth wife, Chief Gutu was told.
    Fadzanai narrated the whole story when she was possessed. The spirit declared that it wanted Fadzanai to take over the chieftainship.
    The 24-year-old turned into a real old woman when she got possessed and talked with an identifiable voice of an old woman. She used a walking stick when she got possessed but returned to the same gay young woman, lively and walking with pace once the spirit of Marumbi left.
    Urayayi Munyaradzi who is the current Chief Munyaradzi who was invited by Chief Gutu for the hearing did not turn up. However, there was a large turnout from members of the Munyaradzi Family.
    Munyaradzi family members suggested that the chieftainship hearing be suspended until they talk with Marumbi as a family.
    Chief Gutu told the court at the end of the hearing that he was going to write a letter on what he had heard from the spirit medium and this letter would be sent to the Ministry of Local Government Public works and National Housing. The Mirror understands that the letter has since been written and sent.
    It was also disclosed in the court that Fadzanai has been staying in Rasa Mountain for the last three years as she fights to regain back her land. She stays in the mountain with her three brothers; Tanaka Rashid Gomo, Even Goronga and Farai Nyatsunga.
    Chief Gutu was also told that Fadzanai first got possessed in 2017 when she was staying in Epworth in Harare. After that, it is said that she walked on foot all the way from Harare to Rasa where she is staying.
    Chief Munyaradzi was installed in 2016 when he replaced Jemias Munyaradzi.
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