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    Friday, 15 March 2019

    Thank you PSMI Renal Services

    Tebros Mushongahande

    I am a young woman aged 30 and am a chronic patient. I have been receiving treatment from a certain hospital until when the Doctors embarked on a strike. There were no doctors in sight and whenever l went to the hospital, I felt lifeless because after every session I had cramps and discomfort. I needed a doctor but there were nowhere to be found. I then decided to stop all the dialysis sessions and stay home and wait for God’s time.
    After a week, my legs and stomach became swollen and bloated until a neighbour advised that I should go to a private surgery where I was charged US$150 to see a nephrologists which I couldn’t afford. I was supposed to look for roughly $500 bond notes so as to get US$150 for me to consult nephrologists, in addition to that, I needed US$100 to consult a physician. I asked myself where the hell can I get the money?
    On my way back home, I met a saint (whom I don’t even know the name up to now), who advised me to rush to PSMI Parkview Renal Hospital where up to now I cannot stop thanking that organization for what they did to my life.
    I remember very well it was on a Wednesday around 10 am when l got there, with all hope lost because already l knew that PSMI is a private healthcare service provider, I thought I was going to be charged exorbitant fees for dialysis so I left room for disappointment.
    I was consulted by a nephrologist and as I came out of the doctor’s room, I was told my medical aid had not matured for dialysis session and l needed to pay cash. Alas, I told myself, there they go again. I was surprised when the nurse told me that I could be treated. It was only $150 in local currency.
    The nurses, the staff and the doctors at Parkview Hospital there are so good. During my sessions, I am given a menu to order. During my first visit, I explained to them that I was new and am using cash for the session so l couldn’t afford to pay again for the food.
    The nurse smiled and said, “no ma’am all our patients are given food” and can order what he or she wants as long as it’s on the daily menu. PSMI Parkview Hospital is my second home.
    My first visit was in November 2019, I used to consult a nephrologist there until recently when I was told that I only need one session per week since am recovering. They showed a great magic in healing because I was then referred to a dietician where I was given a proper diet.
    Even though l was using money it was easy for my family to raise the money. The presence of a specialist and even the round checks here and there showed me that I am in safe hands.
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