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    Friday, 1 March 2019

    Slaughter-and-go cattle thieves cause havoc in Chatsworth

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    GUTU – Thieves who kill cattle and skin them and carry away the meat leaving bones and hids have caused havoc in Chatsworth, Gutu with 16 cattle having been slaughtered in the last three months.
    The syndicate leaves a note written “Idyai henyu haina poison (you can eat the leftovers, they are not poisoned)” after de-boning the cattle.
    Masvingo Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula said they have received multiple reports of stolen cattle.
    “We are receiving cases of stock theft in the area of Chatsworth. Farmers should pen their cattle close to their homes, put bells around their necks so that they are able to hear if there are any disturbances at night. People should report suspicious cars as soon as possible so that investigations are carried out,” said Mazula.
     Robson Kurwa, a resident told The Mirror that suspects have been identified but there is no adequate evidence to nail them.
    “These cases have gone on for up to four months and prime suspects have been identified but there are no arrests because the evidence is not strong,” said Kurwa.
    Councilor Bauren Bote said the suspects target big, fatty cattle.
    “Cattle are our source of income, we sell them to pay school fees, buy clothes and groceries. Chatsworth is a cattle ranching area. It’s painful since the culprits have not yet been arrested,” said Bote.

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