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    Friday, 15 March 2019

    Blown by winds of fashion

    They say fashion repeats itself. Indeed it does and it is doing just that these days. Some years ago the female fashion scene was invaded by the “puru”. This was a dress or skirt that was very tight on the body revealing all the curves. Well, the “puru’’ is back with a bang as you will note that most women today put on tight dresses and skirts. Some are so tight that you can actually see the size of the panties underneath. Then you will also see a walking woman pulling down her tight dress or skirt every few minutes because the piece of clothing tends to stubbornly move up the body as she moves around. Back then trousers were for men and sex workers. Today trousers are for everyone, male and female, old and young with women putting on the tightest, so tight that sometimes you wonder how they take them off.
    Talking of tight trousers once upon a time they were also a huge male fashion item and were called “pombi’’, meaning they were narrow like a bicycle pump. Interestingly enough the “pombi’’ is back and back with a bang too. These days you will see most young men and some adults in very tight “pombi’’ trousers. Gone are the days of wide trousers that had to come with sharp creases for you to look smart.
    As we continue to be willingly and eagerly swayed by the winds of fashion we forget as a nation to come up with some dressing that will be one of the signs of who we are. Apparently there was some debate to this effect a few years ago but nothing came out of it. We seem to be a nation that is not concerned about its own identity as we even fail to fully promote our own local languages and cultures.
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