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    Monday, 11 March 2019

    A sick nation left to die

    The leadership of any country should ensure that citizens are well-fed, well-housed, well-educated, well- entertained, travel well and above all are healthy enough to live a truly fulfilling life. Without a healthy body you cannot be active, you cannot enjoy life even if there is a lot to enjoy. In the end sickness can lead to death. No one wants to die. What is going to happen to us Zimbabweans with our health system in shambles? Hospitals are in dire need of adequate medication and equipment. Health workers are poorly remunerated and therefore not motivated to perform their duties professionally.
    These gaps make it easier for the health service providers in the private sector to make a business killing as they can demand hefty charges for their products and services. Get a prescription from a Doctor and make a round of the pharmacies around town. You will be shocked by the differences in exorbitant drug prices that can go as far as 300%. Drugs prices are quoted in US Dollars and if you do not have the green buck you are told to pay in the RTGS Dollar at a rate of US$1 to 5RTGS Dollars, which is double the stipulated rate given by the Government. This rate is also higher than the black market rate which is just above 3RTGS Dollar. This leaves many of the poor who have to get most of their medication, from the private sector exposed and vulnerable. We can also see the rich and our country leaders trekking to countries like South Africa and even far away countries like India to get top notch health services. The poorest are therefore left to suffer and eventually die as they cannot afford the drugs and services offered while pharmacists and private medical practitioners get rich on pickings from the poor who have to fork out whatever they have in an effort to keep body and soul together.  We want to see the Government doing more to improve the health of citizens especially the vulnerable poor who keep them in power with their votes, otherwise there will be no one to vote for them.
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