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    Friday, 22 February 2019

    Nyaradzo changes Funeral landscape

    Nyaradzo CEO Philip Mataranyika.

    Funerals were in the past defined by how complicated they were, how much pain, suffering or discomfort they brought with them. From running around trying to organise the coffin or casket to transport for mourners, food, water and drinks, surviving family members and friends would be faced with huge challenges financially and administratively. Without adequate transport plans in place, some funerals would only have a few people in attendance with the one or two tetes or sekurus absent, yet their presence would be critical before and after burial 'zvirango'.
    With almost every bereavement today, the first question that comes to mind is, did they have a funeral policy? When the answer is yes, the next would be, did the policy include a bus? Where the answer is again in the affirmative, it is followed by a huge sigh of relief.
    Funerals of today, more so those of the future will be defined by the convenience in organising them rather than the level of pain or discomfort they cause.
    Because we have been involved with the laying to rest of loved ones for years, we have seen the challenges our clients face. One of the key ones being a lack of facilities or options for those who may want to sleep and rest on the night of the funeral. Close family and friends have in the past been sleeping either in cars or by the fireplace, with others choosing to drink and talk all night in an effort to chase away the cold. In many cases mourners would choose to drive early in the morning on the day of burial to attend the proceedings and then back home soon after.
    For the convenience and comfort of mourners our response is that we will in future provide camping beds and sleeping tents for mourners during a funeral. Going forward, those who choose to put up at the funeral will do so at almost the same level of comfort as putting up at home. The only difference is that the arrangement will be that of camping, in a sleeper tent on a camping bed, thanks to Nyaradzo.
    Clients at the few funerals for whom we have already provided the facility have given us a big thumps up. In response, we are now working flat out to make the camping beds and sleeper tents available to all our clients who want and can afford them. However, we do know that our products are better accessed through regular monthly premiums, to cater to this requirement, we are in the process of adding this option to our policy product menu so they are available to all our customers including those already on our books.
    Attending and organising funerals must never again be about how much sleep disruption we get. It will be about for how many people we want bedding facilities.
    Funerals will inflict pain only on our hearts, but never again on our bodies from lack of sleeping facilities.
    These new camping beds and sleeper tents will make our lives/ experiences at funerals more convenient and comfortable, pleasurable even, enabling us to sleep at funerals should we want to.
    Gone will be the days of drinking and talking all night to chase away the cold. Gone also will be the days of driving to funerals of close family members and friends in the early hours of morning because we want to catch a good night's sleep at home.

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