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    Wednesday, 20 February 2019

    [Comment] Council must set its priorities right as grass overgrows at sharp curves

    We have noted with great concern that grass is growing very fast at sharp curves and the City Council’s responsible department seem not to be bothered to cut the grass which is dangerous to motorists.
    While some efforts are being made to cut the growing grass those responsible do not appear to be setting their priorities right.
    A case in point is the round-about in Rhodine at Elliot Street near the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) remand prison where Council workers are busy sprucing up the area.
    The workers were cutting grass which has hardly grown over a centimetre tall yet at the Hillside Shopping Centre in Mucheke area there is grass that is 2metres tall and at a sharp curve which makes it difficult for motorists to see both sides of the road as one tries to drive into the main road.
    The grass does not only pose a danger to motorists only but pedestrians who would be walking from the shopping centre as they risk crossing the road while a vehicle could be passing through at the same time.
    We have also observed the same trends with the roads in the suburban areas like Sisk and ZBS areas in Mucheke and Rujeko. The roads are impassable but Council goes on to resurface reasonably good roads (by our standards) in Rhodine like Protea Street which was recently done at the expense of roads which desperately need attention.
    While it is given that those who stay in the low density areas pay more rates to the local authority it is quite unfair to punish the other social class.
    We feel the Council should seriously give priority to needy areas and at the same time not compromising service delivery to everyone.

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