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    Friday, 8 February 2019

    Chiredzi teacher caught pants down

    Compliments of the new shutdown, broken bones, internet shut down and Economic Destruction. Aah! Hezvo nhaka zvangu! Baba vangu Mhofu iweeee vanhu vaya vatanga!!
    Hey! It has been a long year before it even started. Less than 30 days in 2019-we already have a volume to write. Social life is abuzz with scandals, economic life is worse and the political life is even a disaster-they are killing their own people and serving them for breakfast. Uuuum zveyi chisa. Wakakwira mukaranga wakoromoka wawa wakakwira mukaranga …fare thee well icon Tuku.
    Let me leave the other lives and concentrate on the social life just for a lighter moment. After all laughter is the best medicine. There is no need for retrospection, but I can only say-Sei sei seji maThabawo, sei sei minija wema fake US dollars?
    Avawo minija kutaurisa mhani. I heard he was saying he ended up in HOTH’s files because HOTH was jealous that anofuraya zvinonaka. Seka hako Mhofu. Hooo nhai ndosaka makamera tumagaro mazuva ano kudya mafake USA dhoraz. Vane bag redzungu saLandlady vachakambojuta nefake US dhoraz vaya. Ivo vane dutu remafaira landlady vacho. I will leave that for another day.
     In the meantime, I would like to say; how are you Mr Biller Code parisei paRefuse to fill school pawramba kuzara apo? Are you Giving them your best? I hope so- but don’t Give married women your best Mr Biller Code otherwise they will end up calling you Give Biller. Are you still rolling with that silver Honda Fit Mkoma Biller?
    I am told recently you were caught Giving a married teacher one of your Biller Codes as well as horizontal exercises ipo pedu paRyonaisi apa. I am reliably informed that last week you were Rejoicing henyu in someone’s matrimonial bed. Asi makaoma wena. Giving a Rejoicing Zebra your Biller codes right inside that guy’s bedroom. Apa uchirova Acapella version zvenyu.
    Iyo Zebra gara zviya  ndiyo Mbizi here, Dube? Aaah! Hameno ikoko HOTH knows that they end up saying Ganda ravasikana, chimama mabhanzi blah blah. I am told the Rejoicing Zebra was once a driver. Oh! No not a truck driver or bus driver, no bodo tsvoo, but ava vekudhiraivha zvikorobho mudzimba ava-before the hubby picked her, send her for extra lessons until she got a bible of certificates and he finally send her to college.
    Nhaimi varume dzenyu dzimbori tsitsi dzei kubvisa mwana wemvana madzihwa. Marova rova aya mhani. Just leave that dumb slut in her original state and see if you will have a headache. I bet my bottom dollar you won’t. I heard the Zebra is now giving herself class of her own looking down her hubby- a former teacher who is now mostly relying on his brother’s businesses.
    Looking at her there is nothing so special pairi Dube yacho. Haina kana maside pockets to attract those hungry packs of wolves. Kungoda zvinhu chete. To her graduating from mop driver to a Rabbi is capping the climax. Vemanyemwe vatsva vetsambo zveshuwa.
     Pari sei hapo pamanhanga apo Madhu? HOTH is reliably informed after your sex scandal you immediately sought transfer from Refuse to fill to Manhanga. So what are you up to nhai sister Dube? Turning professional or remain one of those dull not so cunning amateurs practicing from the comfort of your home.
    I just feel like standing on an anthill and tell every woman at Manhanga that a proficient hubby snatcher is now ever lurking in their backyard, so they should keep their dogs on short leashes. You are just a disgrace to the teaching profession. Zvinhu zvekudaro hazvidi kuti zvidaro so.
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