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    Friday, 22 February 2019

    4 Beitbridge Highway armed robbers get 20 years

     Smart Express buss


    BEITBRIDGE - Four armed men who shot and killed one passenger in a Regstep Bus travelling from Harare to Beitbridge and robbed passengers travelling in Smart Express Bus recently have been sentenced at Beitbridge Magistrate’s Court.
    The gang leader, Jabson Shone (39) of Gokwe and Samuel Moyo (29) of Chipinge faced two counts of robbery each and were sentenced to a total of 20 years each. Both pleaded guilty to robbing Regstep and Smart Express busses on separate occasions.
    Moyo is a kombi driver employed by Shonhe.
    Both had five years of their jail terms suspended.
    The third accused, Freddy Ginotry Chibwana of Gokwe pleaded guilty to one count of robbery. He said he was not present when Smart Express was robbed and was sentenced to 10 years in jail with three years suspended. Regional Magistrate Chrispen Mberewere did not say when Chibwana will be tried on the count in which he is not pleading guilty.
    The fourth accused Augustus Sibanda pleaded not guilty to both counts and his trial has since started.Shone confessed that he was the one who had a firearm in both robberies and he is also the one who fired the firearm in the two buses while his accomplices collected money and valuables from passengers. The Mirror understands that Shone faces a murder charge at the High Court because of the death of one passenger.
    It is the State case that on December 17, 2018, the accused persons bordered Smart Express bus that was coming from Mutare going to Beitbridge and at Mapayi Turnoff, Shonhe moved to the front seats and advised the driver, Lovi Dama that he wanted  to disembark.
    Dama pulled off the road and some passengers jumped off to relieve themselves. Shonhe who was standing by the door way  pulled out a revolver and fired a warning shot in the air and ordered everyone to get back into the bus. He fired three more shots randomly towards the people in the bus ordering them to lie down.
    Moyo then took a satchel and collected money and valuables from the passengers. The accused then dropped off and disappeared.
    On the second count, they robbed Regstep on December 31. Shonhe pulled out a revolver and fired a shot that missed the driver, Courage Kamukova after he refused to stop the bus for Shonhe to relieve himself. After the shot, Kamukova pulled off the road and joined other passengers.
    Shonhe then fired two more shots towards the passengers ordering them to lie down and his accomplices took a satchel and collected money and valuables from complainants and the fourth accused was standing on guard. One person was shot and killed in the incident.
    The four accused then allegedly ran in the bush where they shared the stolen money and valuables.
    The accused were arrested three weeks ago at a roadblock at Masvingo turnoff in Beitbridge when Police officers carried out searches in an Urban Connect bus that was going to Harare. The accused confessed that they had boarded that bus so that they could rob it.
    Munyonga Kuvarega prosecuted.

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