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    Saturday, 19 January 2019

    Wife bashes hubby for bedding Jerera shopkeeper

    Teachers and cops are competing in this hide the sausage business and Jerera is threatening to take the first quarter trophy, kuita soccer star wekotoro rekutanga here vakomana nenyaya dzezvifeve.
    The teacher is at Mutonhoru and his name is Samuero Gombwi. Gombwi wakabikwa nemukadzi after he was caught in the act with this shopkeeper from the next shop.
    Baba vangu ngara iwe nhaka tinowonerera.
    Gombwi runs a photocopying shop at Jerera and he would to go and buy bond paper from the next shop where this jezebel works and by the click of the eye they are done mai nhiya vakango mirirra bond paper.
    The woman in question who is depriving Mai Prize her conjugal rights is called Patirishia Mushagadi, anoshagada zvedi and she works in this shop with a name which talks about zvemazuva ano, zvechizvino zvino.
    Gombwi just bought an Extrail and the wife decided to take it into her custody hoping to stop the hubby from bed hopping but he would have none of that because Patirishia is nearby kungoti nzvee ndiye pfee mushop.
    Although Mai Prize is a devout AFM member, on the day in question she drank a six pack of Castle Lite before embarking on her mission after a tip off by Jairosi.
    After downing the six pack she waited for the hubby to arrive and behold he was there in no time.
    Pavharanda ipapo, chamatsenga nzungu baba vangu ndiye ngondo ngondo muvhu, before he knew what was happening she slapped him in the face as he tried to pick himself up ndiye zee negotsi dhii, ngondo ngondo ropa neropa mumhinho.
    Madyira iwee huya uzoona, baba vakaitweiko nemukadzi while the in-laws were watching.
    Vanamamazara ndivo vakazodana vanhu kuti please uyai mubate munhu wofa kuno as the wife anga amuka chibhebhenenge. Kubudigwa neshavi chairo.
    Meanwhile, the wife packed her bags and took the car as well with the children to her parents’ place, hameno akadzoka.
    Meanwhile, in Masvingo there is this fine looking young dump girl from Pangolin kuMucheke uko who is threatening to elope to this young man ‘s place who is a loafer and stays with parents, musvuuganda zvake dvzinyu risina kana gushe.
    You know her mhanhi ichi chisikana chekuchinjanisa varume chikahorambwa, she stays at the shops ekuPangolin paimba tsvuku iyi chinonzi Kero pamagrossa chaipo. A very cunning young lady, who is trying to take advantage of an innocent young man, aaaah usadaro.
    HOTH’s moto is to preserve the little, yes the little that is left of our morals, this serves as a warning to the young man, ukatora muchero wemusango ukaisa pamba usazochema mfana kana every Tom and Dick come to enjoy the fruits of your sweat.
    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
    HOTH is reliably informed that the young man is not aware of Kero’s diabolical plans.
    Koiyi ndeipiwo yakutambwa nemangonjo futi.
    HOTH has been told that instead of monitoring the tense situation during the night, those who are patrolling in pairs, lady and gentleman are slaughtering each other in the sanitary lanes (mumasendiraini) or delivery lanes. Condoms have been found strewn around the corners that they were manning and for those not using the sheath, very soon the results will start manifesting, remember ZEC and referendum children.
    Makadii varandakadzi vemagate paGenarari apa, ndimi munawo ka manude anetsa kunge kanjiva.
    Till next week, makuhwa ngaatsve.

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