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    Thursday, 3 January 2019

    Beitbridge councillor appeals for solar boreholes

    Ward 3 residents collecting water from a bouser last week.


    Beitbridge Ward 3 councillor, Takavingei Mahachi has appealed for donations that could see the local authority installing solar boreholes following acute shortages of water in the border town.
    Residents of the ward are going for weeks without water and if they get it, it has low pressure and it comes during the night  when people are asleep.
    "I resolved to deliver 5 000 litres of water daily using a council water bouser. More than 300 families are affected by this situation" said Mahachi.
    A ward 3 resident, Farai Joseph Nengomasha commended councillor Mahachi for the hard work in helping ward residents.
    "The councillor has been working very hard to ensure that water reaches residents. His swift efforts to have burst pipes repaired while at the same time arranging for a water bowser to alleviate suffering amongst residents is commendable.
    “Our councillor has servant leader qualities. Old pipes should be replaced since they are being overwhelmed by higher pressure from new water pumping equipment.  Funds permitting the way the old pipes were laid also needed re visiting in terms of gradient, water pipes have to maintain a certain level of flatness on the ground, undulations cause pipe bursts”, said Nengomasha.
    In ward 5, at places like Mbedzi, residents do not get water; they buy water.

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