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    Friday, 9 November 2018

    University students afraid of pregnancy more than HIV - NAC

    Edgar Muzulu


    Female students at tertiary institutions around the country are more concerned with getting pregnant than being infected with the HIV virus, a leading HIV/Aids administrator, Edgar Muzulu has said.
    Muzulu said one of the indicators for such an attitude is the high increase in the use of morning after pills by students.
    Muzulu who is Masvingo NAC Provincial manager was speaking to journalists during a media tour in Masvingo last week.
    “Young female students seem to be more afraid of getting pregnant than getting HIV virus, they prevent pregnancies by buying morning after pills but they are not worried of going for HIV tests.
    “I have heard some saying HIV/Aids is a long term thing and you can take ARVs to live long but if you get pregnant it is not reversible”, said Muzulu.
    Masvingo Provincial Medical Director, Dr Amadeus Shamu said he will check on the issue and come out with a comment.
    Muzulu said they were still in the process of checking on statistics of morning after pill uptake in Masvingo.
    Hot spots of HIV and STIs infections are Masvingo Urban, Jerera Growth Point, Chibi Turnoff, Ngundu and Chiredzi.
    “The re-opening of Chigarapasi beer hall in Chiredzi is a major threat to us because there are a lot of sex workers from different parts of the country and they prefer unprotected sex than protected sex as protected sex is cheaper.
    “HIV rates are high in Chivi district which has a prevalence rate of 14.4 % whilst Bikita district has the lowest prevalence rate of 11%”, addedMuzulu.
    The statics show that 138 208 in Masvingo people  and 9 700 children are living with HIV/Aids.
    A student from Great Zimbabwe University, Stella Moto said female students are afraid of pregnancies than HIV because they know HIV can be supressed with ARVs but pregnancy brings in many challenges to the girl child.
    Rufaro Tamari, a student at Morgenster Teachers’ College agreed that students are afraid of pregnancies than HIV so they prefer to buy morning after pills than preventing HIV because a pregnancy will be seen by other students but if you are HIV positive nobody can notice it.

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