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    Friday, 2 November 2018

    Musara complains against media reports

        Benjamin Musara.

    • My hands are clean - Makwarimba
    • I received no money- Mudenge widow


    GREAT ZIMBABWE HOTEL - Benjamin Musara, one of the land developers summoned for hearings by the Commission of Inquiry on the sale of State land in and around urban areas since 2005 complained on Friday that media reports emanating from proceedings of the court left him embarrassed in his social circles.
    Appearing before the Commission for the second time on Friday, Musara said that certain things that commissioners said in the presence of the media stigmatised him.
    Musara raised this after coming under a barrage of questions from the commissioners who had picked several discrepancies from the documents that he submitted during the hearing.
    “The media is here,” he said looking at reporters who were sitting in chairs behind his.
    “People are calling me a land baron out there. I am not a land baron. I never sold any land. Did you say I am a land baron?” he asked threateningly.
    “You were here, what did you hear?” asked Justice Tendai Uchena.
    Musara was summoned by the Commission for the second time to answer questions pertaining to 500 stands belonging to Isotec that he was given power of attorney to sell. The directors of Isolac Phainos Makwarimba and the late Minister Stanislaus Mudenge’s wife Mildred Mwete distanced themselves from any transactions involving the stands and said Musara was the best person to answer.
    “I did not want to touch any money involving these stands so we gave our allocation of 500 stands to Musara to do business on our behalf. We gave the stands to Musara because we thought we had an expert. I had no capacity.
    “I did not do anything concerning the stands. I am clean. This is why my colleagues who were allocated stands are driving fancy cars and I am not,” said Makwarimba.
    Mwete also said she has not handled any sales of the stands but told the Commission that Musara would show her the transactions made.
    “I have not yet received any money from him. He shows us the papers and there are no profits yet,” said Mwete.
    Musara also complained that the media said he presented fake documents to the commission.
    However, just after making that complaint, the Commission produced the letter of power of attorney between him and the directors of Isotec and noted that the document was not signed. The Commission declared that the document was therefore not authentic.
    Commissioner Uchena asked all the three witnesses, Makwarimba, Mwete and Musara to show him where they signed and the power of the attornery they concurred that there were no signatures on the document.
    “The document is not even signed. We have dealt with many others here, yours is the worst. A lot of your documents are not signed. We have no problem with you producing authentic documents,” said Commissioner to Musara who was making arguments all the way.
    Earlier in the session, commission picked yet another document that they passed bad comments on. They discovered that Musara applied for land in December 2011 but he got the offer letter in June 2011.
    “We have here your offer letter for land dated June 2011 and yet the application letter for it was written in December 2011. What is happening here? We are not happy with your documents Mr Musara,” said Commissioner Heather Chingono.
    Towards the end the commission fished out yet another discrepancy. Musara told the Commissioners that he signed two separate sets of contracts with the Army for 550 stands. Dr Chingono asked Musara more than three times how far apart those  contracts were and the latter responded in all three cases that the contracts were signed one year apart.
    Dr Chingono then produced the contracts and showed the rest of the commissioners that the contracts were signed on the same day.

    The Commissioners insisted to Musara that he indeed sold State land to the army. Musara refuted the allegations until Commissioner Uchena told him that the Army had in its evidence said that Musara sold them land and then he was paid development fees.

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