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    Friday, 23 November 2018

    Human resource proficiencies

    For an HR Manager to be successful in his work, he or she must possess a set of diverse skills or competencies commonly known as HR Proficiencies. These are observable and measurable attributes like knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately organizational success. These attributes are genetically developed or acquired from one’s accumulated life experiences. There are six important proficiencies an HR Manager must possess namely, expertise, business, leadership, learning, legal, and ethics.
    Expertise: this is knowledge and skills in recruitment, compensation, training, development, performance management, succession planning; health and safety, job grading, to mention a few. Without such knowledge, one is bound to fail in his career as an HR practitioner.
    Business: This is to understand the strategy of the organization, and to put in place an HR strategy that compliments the business objective. To be able to do this, one should be conversant with the marketing, production, finance functions of the organization. Such an appreciation will enable HR to explain its activities in measurable terms, for example how are your HR activities impacting on the return on investment? In production, one should appreciate that there is a gestation period, hence HR should be able to explain quantitatively your payback period. It means HR should have business knowledge, not common sense.
    Leadership: This is the ability to work with other management groups, employees, unions and other important stakeholders. A good leader should be able to influence others to follow his idea.HR should therefore be able to bring into the organization relevant world-class systems for screening and training employees.
    Learning: new technology is changing the face of the world every day. HR should keep abreast with these changes affecting the profession. This calls for one to have an appetite to acquire new knowledge through reading, passing examinations and getting certifications.
    Legal: one must be able to apply employment law and decisions of relevant authorities like courts, NEC etc. Failure to adhere with provisions of the law can be costly to the organization, both monetarily and reputational damage. One should possess knowledge on labor laws and when to raise legal practitioners for assistance. There are affirmative action and indigenization laws which impacts on HR activities. Fair labor standards and practices need to be observed all times, hence it is a special area of training HR should go through. There are also occupational health and safety laws, sexual harassment laws and environmental protection laws to be observed to mention a few.
    Ethics: these are fundamental standards one uses to decide on how to conduct self. These are decisions around questions of morality and matters which could have serious consequences on the image of the organization e.g. corruption, theft, lying, fake company reports like exaggerating company performance. Scandals involving one’s private life comes under scrutiny. An example would be, if a shop floor employee is found engaging in sex in company premises, it’s not news really, but if a manager does it, its juice news making headlines. An HR Manager should therefore, conduct self in an honest and diligent manner because failure in this proficiency, all other articulated attributes will not succeed.
    For your HR and labor relations trainings, do not hesitate to conduct the undersigned.

    Mr Togaraseyi Zvomoyo is a Managing Consultant with Labor Standards Pvt Ltd an HR and Labor Consultants Firm and is an Associate Consultant with Industrial Psychology Consultants - IPC.

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