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    Friday, 16 November 2018

    Corruption allegations rock Beitbridge Town Council

    Loud Ramakgapola.

    BEITBRIDGE – The Beitbridge Town Clerk, Loud Ramakgapola has refused to comment on allegations of corruption and mismanagement being raised against his administration.
    Instead Ramakgapola asked The Mirror to do him a favour and disclose the person who authored the document. He believes that the source of the document is an insider based at the local authority.
    The Mirror has a document that has been doing rounds on social media and has gripped the residents of the border city because of its allegations of alleged bad governance at the local authority which was granted municipality  status recently.
    The Minister of Local Government Public works and National Housing could not be reached for comment.
    The document alleges that there is corruption, favouritism and nepotism at the local authority and attributes the poor service delivery in the city to those shortcomings. The document alleges that all heads of departments are not qualified for their jobs while middle managers are hired on the basis of their relatives and they are also without qualifications.
    The document alleges that all heads of departments including the town engineer, town planner, fire officer, security officer, transport officer have no requisite qualifications for the jobs. It further said that the administration and human resources officers are both too inexperienced for the job.
    There are also allegations that middle level workers are hired through relatives and there is no consideration of relevant qualifications.
    “The whole council needs a complete overhaul. Service delivery is poor as witnessed by streams of flowing sew age, properties that burn because of a dysfunctional firebrigade, uncompleted projects, dangerous bridges, poor storm drains filled with stagnant sewerage and have become breeding ponds for mosquitoes,” read part of the document.
    The document also alleged that tenders are not issued out transparently. It mentions one company that was given a tender to resurface roads and said that ZINARA initially refused to pay the company because of the poor work.
    “The tar is so bad that it melts and sticks to the wheels when its hot. The drainage culverts were so badly done that they look like water tunnels. Water does not flow and these culverts are filled with stagnant sewage,” said a source.
    There are allegations that the same company has left a lot of work uncompleted particularly at the rank.
    “The department is filled with untrained guards, their relatives and friends. They are paid salaries they don’t deserve. Someone at the top approves that. Most of the revenue clerks come through security positions and in  a couple of months they are elevated to revenue clerks, a higher grade in Council. A security guard is grade 2 and revenue clerks are in grade 5. Revenue clerks must have diplomas in accounting according to their job description but here its different,” said the document.
    The document also accused Council of not keeping reserve land for future development projects. It alleged that town planning is haphazard and said a senior staff member with town planning qualifications has been relegated to an inferior position while a housing officer has been appointed to the position.
    “One wonders why a housing officer has been appointed a town planner when a qualified town planner studying for a doctorate has been left out of the job,” read the document.

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